What is a Sneaker Boot?

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A sneaker boot is a type of footwear that offers the comfort of a sneaker in the design of a boot. Because sneakers often have more supportive soles than boots, this type of shoe is often given a thick, supportive sole, as is typically found in a sneaker. It will then feature high sides like a boot, such as for walking in the snow or simply for a more fashionable look.

A sneaker boot may come in all different sizes and designs. Some are designed to lace up, more like a traditional sneaker, while others may just slip on. Different colors are available to be worn with different outfits. These types of shoes are available for men, women, and children, and are very versatile types of footwear.

A sneaker boot may be worn on cold days, to keep the feet warm and dry when walking in snow. They may have a larger, thicker sole to offer more traction on ice, or they might be used when hiking in the woods. In fact, hiking shoes are often a type of sneaker boot, because they are designed to be comfortable and easy to walk in, while still protecting the foot and ankle from becoming twisted or injured.


It is generally not a good idea to wear these types of sneaker boots for aerobic exercise. They may not be able to provide enough support while jogging or doing other high-impact activities, and it is likely that the feet will become too hot in this style of boot. Sneaker boots such as these are primarily intended for outdoor winter activities.

Other sneaker boot designs are simply designed for fashion. These may be any height, and some are even knee-high. They may lace all the way up, or simply lace to the ankle; others may use Velcro® straps instead of laces. These types of shoes may have a flat sole, but they often feature a high heel. This type of sneaker boot clearly has no utility purpose, and is only worn to make a fashion statement.

Sneaker boots may be found in most casual shoe stores or online. They range in price depending on the materials used to create them, such as leather or canvas, though sneaker boots designed for hiking tend to be more expensive. Searching online will reveal hundreds of different designs of fashion sneaker boots, and it should be possible to find any color or design that is desired.


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Post 3

I saw someone at the gym the other day wearing black sneaker boots. The only thing I could think was "Why?" As the article said, this type of shoe is way better for cold weather, outdoor activities. I can't imagine working out while wearing any type of boot.

I have to wonder if the guy was trying to make a fashion statement or something? Whatever his reason for wearing those sneaker boots to the gym, I'm sure that guy was very uncomfortable by the end of his workout!

Post 2

@JaneAir - I actually think high heeled sneaker boots look a bit ridiculous. I mean, either be a sneaker or be a dress shoe. You can't be both!

However, I did see a lace up sneaker boot I liked a few days ago. It basically looked like a high top shoe, only, well, higher. I can see why someone would like something like that, especially for the wintertime.

I feel like a lot of cute and stylish boots are also really slippery. Sneakers are never slippery, so I think sneaker boots are a nice compromise between stylish boots and really serious cold weather shoes.

Post 1

I saw a pair of high heeled sneaker ankle boots recently and I almost bought them. I think they were Nike's, or some other really popular sneaker brand. The heels were made out of the same kind of rubber as the bottom of the sneaker and they actually looked really comfortable!

I'm not sure where I'd wear such a thing to, but I love the idea! I think the idea of turning a sneaker into kind of a dressy heeled shoe is just awesome! I think these would also work really well for women who don't really like to wear high heels.

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