What is a SlingCatcher&Trade;?

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A SlingCatcher™ is an additional component that is available with a Slingbox™ that helps enable remote TV viewing of material that is subscribed to, such as a satellite or a cable service. While a Slingbox™ is capable of taking a video stream and funneling it to your computer or cell phone, SlingCatcher™ is capable of more. It is useful in that video feeds can be shown on any computer with a SlingCatcher™ connected, instead of limiting the playback to a computer or cell phone screen.

The benefit of a SlingCatcher™ is that it provides many more options for taking advantage of a Slingbox™. While it may be possible to enjoy television programming on a computer, for example, it hardly is convenient for more than one or two people at a time. Having a SlingCatcher™ playing on a television can serve a number of practical purposes.

The SlingCatcher™ needs just a few simple things to work. The first thing is a television. Next is a broadband network connection. The third thing needed is a network router. If all these things are in place at the destination for the video, and assuming the same equipment is also in place where the Slingbox™ is, getting video is fairly simple.

Whether it is the next room, or across the country, the distance makes no difference to the SlingCatcher™. For those who want the ability to watch television in another room but do not want to run wires or worry about renting another digital receiver, this is an option that can accomplish that. For those who are traveling but want to see a show that is not available where they are at, this is an option for them as well.

The SlingCatcher™ requires no subscription, meaning the only expense to the user is the initial cost of acquisition of equipment and the broadband connection. The SlingCatcher&trade itself costs approximately $250 US Dollars (USD). The broadband connection charge will vary depending on region and speed. Many companies will offer multiple speeds. Higher speeds could provide a better quality video.

The SlingCatcher™ can also be used to display computer images on a television screen as well. In this instance, a cable or satellite connection is not required as that is not the source being displayed on the remote television. This may be an especially useful feature if giving a slide show or teaching software to a group of people.

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