What is a Slimming Machine?

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A slimming machine uses electrotherapy to stimulate muscles in an attempt to reduce cellulite, improve muscle tone, release toxins in the body and reduce body fat. The currents emitted by the machine are said to contract the muscles of the body, causing the muscles to use up surrounding fat as an energy source. This type of therapy is common in Asia and South Africa, and it is gaining popularity in Europe and the United States.

Slimming machines are found most often in high-end spas. The client is typically taken into a private room, where the technician has him or her lie down. The technician then places pads attached to the machine on the parts of the body the client wishes to tone and firm. The pads send the current from the machine deep into the client’s muscles, causing them to contract, thereby burning fat and releasing toxins. Clients typically undergo from two to four sessions a week, with each session lasting one hour and eight sessions total being recommended for optimal results.

The slimming machine touts benefits such as fat loss, inch loss, body reshaping and skin tightening. Many users of this machine also claim that it has helped reduce water retention and even provided lifting of the face and breasts. While women most often utilize these machines, the technology works similarly in men.


Electrotherapy, which has been medically proven to aid in healing wounds and significantly improving the progress of physical therapy patients, is an extremely non-invasive treatment. It is also commonly used by physicians to prevent muscle atrophy in bedridden patients. Treatments administered by the slimming machine are typically relaxing, with clients and patients saying the feel energetic and healthier after a session.

While the slimming machine is meant more for body toning than weight loss, it can help to kick start an exercise program by providing the body with muscle support it needs to undergo intense physical training. Despite the fact that actual loss of body fat is minimal, this type of machine has been shown to significantly shave off inches around the waist, hips, thighs and arms.

As with any weight loss or body toning treatment, the machine works best when coupled with a healthy diet and regular workouts. The slimming machine, while not officially approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a beauty treatment, is regulated by them because of its use of electrotherapy. Despite this lack of recognition, the growing popularity of the slimming machine is a testament to its benefits.


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