What is a Sleeve Ironing Board?

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A sleeve ironing board is a special kind of ironing board that is used specifically to iron the sleeves of shirts. It is usually similar in shape to a normal ironing board, but much smaller in size. In many cases, it is attached to a larger ironing board or can be set up atop a standard ironing board. Much like a standard ironing board, a sleeve ironing board is tapered at one end. This allows the sleeve of a shirt to be fitted over the board so that it can be ironed with ease.

When using this type of ironing board, the person ironing slides the sleeve of a shirt onto the board so that the sleeve surrounds the board. This allows the user to simply rotate the sleeve once one side has been ironed. The benefit here is that the shirt does not have to be repositioned on order to iron the entire sleeve. Another benefit is that the sleeves of the shirt can be ironed without creating a crease, which some people prefer.


Not all ironing boards come with a sleeve ironing board, but it is possible to purchase an ironing board that has this sort of attachment. In most cases, a standard ironing board will suffice for at-home ironing. People who do a great deal of ironing, however, might benefit from the use of this type of ironing board. Just as with standard ironing boards, sleeve ironing boards are designed both for use in domestic settings and in industrial settings. An industrial sleeve ironing board is usually built to withstand much heavier use and is often permanently affixed to a larger ironing board.

There are also sleeve ironing boards that are not meant to be attached to a larger ironing board. This kind of board is often called a table top ironing board. This kind of ironing board is used in domestic settings to iron clothing and also to complete craft projects. A person might use a sleeve ironing board, for example, to iron decals onto a garment.


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