What is a Ski Rack?

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The basic ski rack is a device that is utilized for securing and transporting skis on the outer roof of a vehicle. In most cases, ski racks are configured so that it is possible to attach the racks to the roof of the car or truck temporarily. However, there are ways to permanently attach the ski rack, if that is desirable.

Ski racks are only one type of sport rack that is often used to transport sports equipment. Along with the ski rack, snowboard racks are also popular options. Like the ski rack, a snowboard rack can be permanently or temporarily attached to the roof of the vehicle, making it easy to take the equipment along for a weekend vacation in the mountains.

One of the main worries that people have about the installation of a rack is that the device will damage the paint job on the roof of the car. While that is possible if the rack is not installed properly, most rack designs include safety pads that help to act as a buffer between the frame of the rack and the finish of the paintjob. If the pads are lined up properly before the rack is clipped into place, then the chances of any scratches to the paint are minimal at best.


The general installation of a ski rack usually takes no more than a few minutes. After aligning the protective pads and placing the body of the rack into place, the entire frame is secured with the aid of a series of clips. The clips on the rack allow the device to be securely attached to the weather stripping. The no-slide nature of the clips means the rack will stay in place until it is time to remove the device from the roof of the car.

In a similar manner, clips are used to secure the skis to the rack. By positioning the skis onto the rack according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it is possible to use simple clips to grip the skis, so that they will not shift during transit. Unlocking the clip makes it easy to retrieve the skis for use.


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