What is a Site Superintendent?

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A site superintendent is a person who manages activities and coordinates projects for a particular place. This person maintains quality control and ensures the project is going smoothly and according to schedule. Different companies hire site superintendents, including construction companies and school systems.

Education and training needed to become a site superintendent is site-specific for the company where the superintendent was hired. The superintendent needs to have at least a high school diploma and a technical degree in the particular field of employment. Most companies also expect the site superintendent to have experience in planning, design and project management. The superintendent also needs to perform inspections of construction sites and be familiar with jurisdictional regulations as well as city and county building codes.

Jobs are frequently available for superintendents at construction sites and school systems. Construction sites employ site superintendents to supervise building projects such as new home communities as well as commercial building projects such as office buildings. When a construction company has an assignment such as a bridge repair project, the company will send a site superintendent to help with the structure design of the bridge and assist the engineers and architects. Most school districts employ site superintendents to advise the school district on certain legal decisions, financial issues and school regulations. The school superintendents make staff and teacher changes as well as approve the school curriculum.


Golf courses also use site superintendents to make sure the golf course meets the expectations of the golfers. This person is often responsible for keeping the grass cut and overseeing landscaping projects. The site superintendent may also work with the homeowners if the course is located on a golf community such as a country club. If the golf course is at a resort, the site superintendent will plan activities throughout the year and work with the resort owners to create golf packages. One other task the site superintendent has to perform is keeping up with city permits and licenses to ensure the golf course is up to date and also to avoid any jurisdictional fines.

Salary may fluctuate depending on the superintendent’s education and experience. The type of company or organization that employs the superintendent can also affect the salary, as some companies may pay more or less than other companies to do the same job.


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