What is a Site Coordinator?

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A site coordinator is someone who plans and directs the activities or events in business, schools, and organizations. This person is responsible for hiring vendors or contractors, budgeting costs, and directing other employees or coordinators on what to do. The site coordinator may also be involved with interacting with the public at these events and building rapport with potential investors or clients.

A site coordinator who works with a school system plans activities that are both academic and non-academic in nature. These can include lessons, projects, trips, and tests to be completed by students throughout each school year. He may also develop events in which parents, students, and teachers can get together and discuss issues, raise money, or help in the community.

All site coordinators must be comfortable with speaking with various groups and individuals as well as directing others. He will generally be working with multiple staff members and subcontractors, and is responsible for their work as well as his own. It is his job to ensure that all parties involved are doing their respective jobs and that things are moving along on schedule and within budget.

Budgeting is another major role played by the site coordinator. Vendors, supplies, venues, and promotions all cost money, and it is his responsibility to set the budget for all aspects of an event and operate within it. He is often required to negotiate prices and contract terms with subcontractors and vendors.


Other roles played by the site coordinator involve working alongside department heads and team members within the same business or organization to plan the event or program. These people may include marketing and public relations professionals, accountants, public speakers, and key decision makers. Together they can target their objectives and develop a game plan for any upcoming activities and events.

Most site coordinator professionals have a four-year degree or equivalent experience before entering the profession. Degrees are often obtained in management, business, or public relations; but can vary depending on the industry in which the site manager wishes to work.

Common industries that hire site coordinators include public relations firms, ad agencies, non profit organizations, and schools. These businesses often plan multiple yearly activities, events, and meetings with clients and team members, and often enlist the help of the site coordinator to help with overall planning. In many instances, site coordinators work as independent contractors and develop plans for multiple businesses simultaneously.


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Post 2

I think the training for site coordinators does vary depending on the field your going into.

My boyfriend just got a job as the site safety coordinator trainee for a diving company. He has a public relations degree but he also had to become a certified diver and obtain a CPR certificate.

Most of his training will be on the job because one two of his main duties are coordinating the diving locations and demonstrating diving safety tips which are all done underwater.

Post 1

Another type of job for a site coordinator not mentioned is a wedding planner. They can be employed either on-site at the venue or as an independent contractor.

They both are responsible for working with the wedding party but the independent site coordinator's job description usually involves a lot more detail in every aspect of the wedding.

The on-site coordinator is more concerned with the venue and its operations during the ceremony and the reception.

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