What Is a Single Wardrobe?

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A single wardrobe is a piece of furniture designed to store items like clothing, linens, and items meant for occasional use. Like other types of wardrobes, single wardrobes serve many of the same purposes of a closet, only they’re individual pieces of furniture and usually not built-in features in the room. People can find single wardrobes to suit a number of storage purposes, and because they’re available in a variety of styles, it can be easy to find single wardrobes to complement most decors.

Generally, a single wardrobe has only one door, is significantly smaller than a double wardrobe, and is freestanding. The features of these types of wardrobes can vary depending on the individual wardrobe’s intended use. For example, a single wardrobe designed for use in a dining room might include shelves and drawers for storing linens, dishes, and cutlery. One designed for use in a bedroom might include shelves and drawers, but probably includes a rod for hanging clothes, as well.


Before buying a single wardrobe, the shopper should consider where and how she plans to use the item. Not only will this help her determine the features her wardrobe needs, but it will also help her determine whether she actually needs a single wardrobe or one of the other types of wardrobes. For example, single wardrobes can work well for storing clothing for one person, but if the item is meant for two people, a double or a specially designed fitted wardrobe might work better. Size is a concern for other uses, too. A family with plenty of linens and other kitchen and dining room items might need a larger double wardrobe.

Like all other types of wardrobes, single wardrobes are available in numerous styles. Buyers can find them made of wood, metal, and other materials, as well as in a variety of colors. Some single wardrobes are antique or vintage pieces of furniture, and others are newly manufactured. There are stores that sell single wardrobes that require assembly and there are those that specialize in single-piece types of wardrobes. This wide array of options can help shoppers find single wardrobes to work with any existing home decor.

Anyone interested in buying a single wardrobe will find that shopping for one is similar to shopping for any other piece of furniture. Shoppers might find single wardrobes in antique shops, traditional furniture stores, and larger department stores. Conveniently, these wardrobes can be purchased online and shipped to the new owner’s home, too.


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