What Is a Single Drawer Dishwasher?

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For a small, energy-conscious household, needing to run a half-full dishwasher can be expensive and wasteful. That is one reason some manufacturers are creating smaller, alternative styles of dishwashers such as the single drawer dishwasher. A single drawer dishwasher has typically about half the capacity of a standard dishwasher and uses proportionately less water and energy. This type of dishwasher pulls out of the cabinet like a drawer instead of opening downward on a hinge.

Some customers find that a single drawer dishwasher meets their needs better than traditional dishwasher models. The main reason consumers choose this type of dishwasher is because of its smaller load size, which eliminates the need for one or two person households to run the dishwasher before it is actually full. Also, the user does not have to bend over to load a single drawer dishwasher, making doing dishes easier for people with back problems or limited mobility. Most importantly, a single drawer dishwasher takes up about half the cabinet space of a traditional dishwasher, making it a good choice for small kitchens.


A double drawer dishwasher is like a single drawer model, but its two drawers can be run either together or independently. This allows the user to wash either large or small loads efficiently. It may also be used to run two separate loads at the same time. For instance, one load can hold pots and pans on a heavy-duty cycle, and another load can hold cups and silverware on a standard cycle. A double drawer dishwasher takes up about the same amount of cabinet space as a traditional dishwasher, but is more versatile than a traditional or a single drawer model.

Another type of alternative dishwasher is an in-sink dishwasher that, like the single drawer dishwasher, has its pros and cons depending on the user's needs. An in-sink dishwasher also has small load capacity and does not require bending over, but it takes up sink space instead of cabinet space. It is also generally higher than a single drawer model. This higher positioning might be favored by those with back trouble.


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