What is a Silverware Caddy?

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A silverware caddy is a container with a handle and separate compartments designed to hold silverware. Silverware caddies are convenient if you have more than one set of silverware that cannot fit in a drawer, or if you frequently need to carry a lot of silverware back and forth to the table.

A silverware caddy can be as fancy or as casual as you want. They may be made of plastic, metal, or wood, and can have an elegant look for your fine silver or a fun, casual look to bring outside to the picnic table. If you have a set of matching dishes, you may be able to find a silverware caddy to match. You can also find silverware caddies that match specific holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, when you are most likely to need a lot of silverware at a family gathering or party.

Silverware caddies are usually fairly inexpensive and can be found in most home stores, discount stores and online. They make a good housewarming gift. They could also be placed in a gift basket with other housewares for a housewarming party or bridal shower. You might add some other handy kitchen tools to the basket for a creative gift.


For silverware storage, a silverware caddy is a convenient option if you don't have any more drawer space. The caddy could stand in a closet or cupboard, taking up less room until you need it. It is a convenient option to place on the table or counter for a buffet-style meal or an outdoor barbecue.

A silverware caddy might only have three places for forks, knives and spoons, or it might have more for different sized forks and spoons for other uses. You might buy more than one caddy for your fancy silverware and one for casual flatware. Another option is to use a silverware tray in a drawer.

A silverware tray will usually have four or five slots for different types of silverware, and is designed to fit flatly in a drawer to save space on a counter top. Most people store their everyday silverware in a silverware tray. Finally, you could also store fine silver in a box with a cloth lining to prevent the silverware from tarnishing. It will probably still need to be polished when taken out of the box, but it should protect the fine silver better than if it is left in a drawer or a silverware caddy.


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