What is a Siding Contractor?

A. Leverkuhn

A siding contractor is a professional involved in a small business that helps homeowners to update their properties by installing different kinds of siding on buildings. Siding is a collection of horizontal pieces that siding contractors install on exterior walls. Siding pieces fit together to protect against water or moisture. Properly installed, siding is a durable exterior for a home or other building.

A siding contractor installs siding on a building.
A siding contractor installs siding on a building.

A professional may be called a siding contractor if he or she is in charge of a business that does siding work on a contracted basis. A siding contractor will provide a homeowner, or other property owner, with an estimate or quote for a siding job. If the customer agrees to the contract, the siding contractor is bound to the terms of that contract.

Siding contractors may install vinyl siding.
Siding contractors may install vinyl siding.

Siding contractors have to have specialized knowledge about different kinds of exterior siding. Some of the most popular kinds of exterior siding include vinyl siding, a kind of plastic installation, and aluminum siding. Cedar clapboard or other wood siding represents another popular option.

Siding contractors may suggest any of the above common types of siding for remodeling or restoring a building. They may also suggest some newer options such as painted concrete siding that may come with different requirements for long term maintenance, where some kinds of traditional siding can be vulnerable to decay. Different siding materials each have their own positive and negative aspects, and siding contractors often consult with customers, pointing out which types will be best for a specific structure or project.

The best siding contractors are skilled in installing many different kinds of siding. They must pay attention to how siding overlaps, and be able to create smooth joints with pieces of siding. They must also have estimating skills in order to bid jobs correctly. Overall, a good siding contractor needs to be honest and have integrity, following through on even the smallest details of the projects he or she sets up with customers.

Sometimes a siding contractor may work in conjunction with a roofing contractor, or function as a roofing contractor. Some types of roof designs have elements in common with exterior siding. For instance, Cedar pieces used on roof areas, often called cedar shakes, are somewhat like small pieces of cedar siding. Roof pieces also need to fit together well to seal out water. That’s why there is likely to be some crossover in skills and work practices for siding and roofing contractors.

Siding is a durable exterior for homes and other buildings.
Siding is a durable exterior for homes and other buildings.

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