What is a Shuttle Service?

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A shuttle service is basically any method of transporting people back and forth from one point to another. Usually, shuttle services have designated drop-off and pick-up points, and shuttle vehicles run between the two points at regular intervals. The service is often free, although in some circumstances there may be a nominal fee to use shuttle transportation. These services save people time by saving them a long walk before and after an event. They also help with public safety by reducing the number of pedestrians in parking lots after a big game or event.

Shuttle service is a common service offered anywhere there are large groups of people heading to the same place. This is particularly true if the parking area is large or located quite a distance from the event or attraction that people are walking to. Shuttles are common at sporting events and concerts. Shuttles may also be provided to large shopping malls, amusement or theme parks, zoos, and hospitals.

Nearly any vehicle can be used to provide shuttle service, but vans and small busses are common. At amusement parks and other outdoor attractions, people are sometimes shuttled from the parking lots to the front gates by an open tram, which resembles a small train of passenger benches, pulled by a golf cart. Ferry boats are a type of shuttle service as well. Shuttles may also be provided to V.I.P. hotel guests via limousine.


One of the most common types of shuttle service is the airport shuttle. Long-term parking and budget parking lots are usually located quite a distance from the airport. No one wants to walk long distances while dragging all of their luggage along. Most large airports offer this service free of charge to travelers.

Many hotels offer a shuttle as well, especially when the hotel is located close to a major airport. The service may be complimentary, or there may be a charge added to your bill. Be sure to ask about this when you book your room.


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