What Is a Shrimp Egg Roll?

Angie Bates

A shrimp egg roll is a type of Asian appetizer that consists of shrimp and shredded vegetables wrapped in a flour shell and deep fried. Found frequently on Chinese restaurant menus, shrimp egg rolls can also be homemade. They are usually served with sweet and sour or hot mustard dipping sauce.

Eggs, which are used to make egg rolls.
Eggs, which are used to make egg rolls.

Either small or large shrimp can be used for a shrimp egg roll. Larger shrimp are generally chopped first, however, and even smaller shrimp may be cut depending on the desired consistency of the filling. Some versions may also include additional meats, such as chopped chicken breast, for more flavor variety. Although onions or scallions are also usually chopped if used, carrots and cabbage are normally grated or shredded. Bean sprouts are a frequent addition, and celery, water chestnuts, or red peppers may also be added.


Spices are also usually included in a shrimp egg roll mixture. Salt and pepper are normally added. Garlic or garlic powder and ginger may also be included for extra flavoring. Soy sauce is sometimes added to the mixture as well. Less traditional versions may add more unusual ingredients, such as apple or cilantro.

Egg rolls are popular Asian appetizers containing various meats and vegetables.
Egg rolls are popular Asian appetizers containing various meats and vegetables.

Wrappers are thin, usually square, pieces of light dough and are imperative for any shrimp egg roll recipe. Egg roll wrappers are often purchased premade at Asian markets or grocery stores, though wonton wrappers also can be used. Alternatively, the wrappers can be homemade.

To make a shrimp egg roll, the shrimp, vegetables, and any fresh herbs are usually stir fried. Once both shrimp and vegetables are cooked, any additional seasonings or sauces are usually mixed in. Then, the egg roll mixture can be spooned into the wrappers, and the wrappers folded closed. The edges of the wrappers are either brushed with water or beaten egg to allow them to seal tightly.

After the rolls are wrapped, they are deep fried, usually in vegetable or canola oil. A finished shrimp egg roll is golden brown and crunchy on the outside with a warm crisp filling. Rolls are normally drained on a paper towel before serving but are best when served hot. Dipping sauces usually accompany this appetizer.

Although hot mustard may be paired with shrimp egg rolls, sweet and sour sauce is most often suggested. Sweet and sour sauce can be bought premade or made from scratch. Chinese restaurants often automatically provide at least sweet and sour sauce when egg rolls are ordered.

Garlic powder can be added as a seasoning to a shrimp egg roll.
Garlic powder can be added as a seasoning to a shrimp egg roll.

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@Scrbblchick -- Shrimp egg rolls are great, but I like shrimp spring rolls, which have the thin, crispy wrapper, or summer rolls, which are the kind wrapped in a rice wrapper and served cold. Those are really great, and probably my favorite kind of shrimp roll.

The summer roll is usually available in Vietnamese restaurants and they are so good -- definitely my favorite appetizer. I've found them in Thai places too.

A "shrimp flavored" egg roll? That's just cheap and chintzy. My favorite Chinese place would never try to get away with that kind of thing.


Shrimp egg rolls are my favorite! I love shrimp anyway, and putting them in egg rolls is the best combination.

There's nothing better than getting a good egg roll, filled with veggies and nice, plump shrimp. Dipping them in plum sauce is just the way to go. I make them myself, so I can really fill them with a lot of shrimp. I hate to eat a shrimp egg roll and wonder where the shrimp is the whole time. That happened once and the server told me they were just "shrimp flavored." What a rip-off! Not the way to run a restaurant, in my opinion.

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