What is a Shower Liner?

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Shower liners are acrylic forms that fit over existing shower stalls as part of a bathroom renovation project. The use of a shower liner can help to minimize the costs of renovation significantly, as the liner eliminates the need to remove any current components of the stall. A shower liner may be constructed to work with a preexisting shower stall or a shower and bathtub combination.

There are a number of variations on the structure of a shower liner. Some designs call for the inclusion of bathtub liners as well as liners for the floor and the surrounding walls. Because the liner is essentially a new skin for the space, it is necessary to prepare the area that is to be lined with the acrylic components. Often, this involves a thorough cleaning of the space as well as smoothing the area so that the shower liner can be attached using water proof adhesives.


Making use of a shower liner floor, a shower pan liner and a shower base liner along with wall liners and bathtub liners is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to update the look of a bathroom. There is no need to tear out existing fixtures or attempt to repaint tile and porcelain that has yellowed or scarred in some manner. By cleaning the area and applying an even coat of adhesive, it is possible to slide the liners over the current fixtures and press them into place as a way to make sure the liners are firmly in place. Caulking around the floor line and the edging where the shower liner meets the bathroom wall will help to complete the seal.

Shower liners are available in several sizes and also a range of colors. Along with simple and sleek color combinations, it is also possible to obtain a shower liner that has a pattern. This makes it possible to have the wall liners have the appearance of tile, while still eliminating the need to clean tile grouting in the future.

It is possible to purchase a shower liner product for immediate use, assuming the shower stall or tub and shower combination is of a standard size. When the dimensions for the space are not standard, it is still possible to custom order a liner that will slide into place with relative ease. While a custom liner is more expensive than the standard models, the customized liner is often still less expensive than gutting the bathroom and installing new tile and bathing fixtures.


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Post 7

I have done some serious cleaning of bathrooms like it sounds like one may need to do before putting on a shower liner. (I have had to do such cleaning thanks to the house that my husband and I bought in "as-is" condition and I have to say the best cleaning product by far was this stuff called Bar Keeper's Friend.)

We had bought a wide array of things to try to get the brown film off of the bathroom tile when we first moved in, and the only other cleaners that even slightly had the brown budging were the extreme cleaners that required a mask to use, until...

we used Bar Keeper's Friend. The stuff was, for us magical, and it is only two dollars and ninety seven cents at the local store - no specialty store required.

Post 6

These bathtub and shower liners are fabulous! Just one word of warning - make sure to check on how to install the tubs large faucet back on. I had a friend who installed a beautiful liner and but the tub faucet fixture would not go back on, so that had this weird pipe sticking out, which I now, of course know, is simply the tub pipe without a fixture on it.

The only fear I have in ever buying or renting a house that has used this strategy is... what if someone had a really gross tub, did not clean it well and then put the liner over it.

I know, I know, it would probably not hurt anyone, but it cannot be good to have that hanging out under that liner right?!

Post 5

The build up of hard water stains over time can really take a toll on your bath and shower. We lived in the country and were on a well. After living there for 15 years, I didn't know what else to do so my bathtub and shower would look clean.

I saw a television commercial that explained how they installed a bathtub shower liner over your existing tub. The commercial made this look like it could be done in one day.

I called to set up an appointment and couldn't believe how simple the process was. Since I couldn't stand it any longer, I went ahead and decided to have this done.

I have been very pleased

with the results and just wish I had done something much sooner than I did. The expense was not as bad as I thought it would be, and I think what really sold me was that my bathroom would not be out of service for weeks at a time.
Post 4

I recently bought an older home knowing that it would take some renovation and remodeling to make it comfortable.

One of the first things I did was have a shower stall liner installed in the bathroom. I didn't want to go through the mess of having the bathroom torn up for a long period of time, but needed to have something done right away.

I was very happy with the results and felt like I had a brand new shower. I wish the rest of the projects that need to be done were that painless and simple.

Post 3

We like to go to home and garden shows and it seems like we always have some kind of home improvement project going on. As soon as we get one done, we think of something else that needs to be done.

We have lived in our home for several years, and it seems like not matter what I do, I have a hard time keeping the shower area clean. No matter how hard I scrub or what I use, it doesn't get as clean as it used to.

At one of the shows we were at recently, there was a company advertising their bath and shower liners. This can be done in a short amount of time and you don't have to tear out what is already there.

They just put the liner over your existing tub and shower and it is like new again. This is something that is definitely on my new project list.

Post 2

@robbie21 - I'm not sure whether they make standard liners that would cover just the tile portion, but I know that make ones that cover both the tub and the walls, like a one-piece tub/shower enclosure.

The acrylic just looks like any one-piece bathroom fixture that's not porcelain. It comes in different colors and shades and you can get it with that pseudo-marble sort of the texturing, that kind of thing.

There are a lot of companies that do shower liner installation work and most of them do free estimates, so I would just call a few and schedule estimates.

Post 1

Fascinating - I've never heard of this! I have a standard tub/shower combination with a tile enclosure. The bathtub itself is fine, but the tile is kind of yuck. I don't like the color and the grout is prone to mildew and is missing in places. The tile is just in the shower area; it doesn't cover any of the bathroom's other walls.

I thought that I would have to just live with it for years until I could afford the full bathroom remodel I daydream about, but not I wonder if I can do something about it in the meantime. Would I be able to have an acrylic shower liner installed over just the tile portion of the tub/shower enclosure? Can anyone give me a better idea of what it would actually look like? (I picture something clear when I picture acrylic, but presumably that's not the case here.)

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