What Is a Shower Head Extender?

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A shower head extender is a device that is used to adjust the height of a shower head. It looks like an arm and usually attaches to the existing plumbing fixture. The extender can be adjusted to raise or lower the height at which the head sprays water. Various lengths and material finishes are available for individuals who are interested in purchasing a shower head extender.

The main benefit of a shower head extender is that it allows the user to change the position of the shower head. Some individuals may find that their height is too tall or short for a home's existing shower fixture. Others may want to install an extender in order to accommodate a variety of guest preferences. Hotels are a prime market for shower head extenders.

Extenders resemble an arm and connect to an existing fixture. They may need to be adjusted with each use, but are typically screwed into an existing fixture once. If individuals want to move the spray closer to them or further away, a shower head extender gives them this flexibility. An extender also allows water to reach edges of a bathtub or shower, unlike many traditional fixtures.


Some individuals install a shower head extender as part of a bathroom remodel or upgrade. Depending upon the type of extender used, the design and appearance may add a touch of sophistication and elegance. It may also make the home more marketable, especially for buyers who may have special needs due to advanced age or disabilities.

Standard finishes for shower head extenders are silver or brass. The design of the part itself is fairly simple. It is a thin cylindrical piece that includes attachment openings to connect to a shower head and existing plumbing.

There are some style variations to shower head extenders. A few are straight while others are curved. Some may include several bars that allow for further manipulation of the shower head. Others may come with a shower head attached to the main arm.

Shower head extenders may be available in single or double extensions. With a single extension, only one shower head is attached to the end. In a double extension, there are two arms that split in opposite directions. A shower head is attached to each arm. These types of extenders may be used in commercial or larger shower basins.

Various lengths of extenders are also available. Depending upon an individual's needs, short, medium and long lengths may be installed. Some include two-tone coloring and decorative styles.


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