What is a Shower Faucet?

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A shower faucet is commonly one of a number of bathroom faucets. All of the bathroom faucets are connected to the household water supply which additionally provides water to kitchen faucets, clothes-washing water fixtures, and outdoor water faucets, if any. Because the shower facility is separate from the bathroom sink and faucets, it is a plumbing entity all its own.

A shower faucet is commonly referred to as a shower head, while the bathtub spout is often referred to as a faucet. Very often, the term “shower faucet” is used to describe the combination of knobs, levers, buttons, drain apparatus, shower heads, and tub spouts that are located in the bathtub/shower. In actuality, the shower faucet is, in a tub-and-shower arrangement, the tub spout, and, in a dedicated shower stall, it is the shower head.

Shower faucets are usually located at the upper end of the shower area just over the head of a person of average height. This is, obviously, so that the water from the faucet can inundate the body, using gravity to direct water from the head downward. There are, however, shower faucets that are detachable from the shower fixture, or faucet, and are able to be hand-held to direct the shower water wherever it is desired.


There are a variety of styles, sizes and types of shower faucets. The most common faucets are approximately three inches (7.62cm) in diameter and fixed to the wall. Other types of shower faucets, besides the fixed three-inch (7.62cm)diameter faucets, and the handheld faucets include extra wide faucets, rain-shower faucets that, as the name implies, simulate a soothing rain shower, and multiple faucets for, again, a wider water inundation area.

Each of these faucet arrangements in the shower are often a matter of personal preference as to the type of shower experience desired, as well as cost of installation or replacement. The installation or replacement of a shower faucet is a relatively simple procedure. The expense most commonly derives from the type of faucet desired, the inexpensive three-inch diameter (7.62cm) faucet, somewhat pricier hand-held faucet, the even-more-expensive rain-shower faucet, or the high-end multiple-head faucet.

Much is made about the chlorine added as a disinfectant in municipal water supplies. The installation of a shower water filter to counteract the harmful physical effects of chlorine may be a sound idea. These effective water filters are most easily installed at the shower faucet, and have been proven effective in eliminating chlorine, as well as other toxins, from the water before it is expelled from the faucet.


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