What Is a Shower Caddy?

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A shower caddy is a container that is designed to hold all the various toiletries that might be needed during a shower or bath. These caddies often have specific holders for shampoo, soap, wash cloths, and scrubbers. There are two main types of shower caddies, which are designed to either be carried into the shower or installed semi-permanently. Portable shower caddies are useful in communal shower settings, since they can allow an individual to easily transport all of his or her own toiletries to and from the bathing area. Caddies that are designed for semi-permanent installation are typically hung on a shower head, door or curtain bar, though some can be attached directly to the wall of a shower with suction cups.

Some showers and baths include built-in ledges and holders for various toiletries, while others require these items to be set on the lip of the tub or floor of the shower pan. Even when a shower or tub includes built-in ledges, the available space is typically limited, and often intended for a single bar of soap or washcloth. The shower caddy is intended to provide a solution to this issue, since these devices typically offer enough space to hold all of the various toiletries that are necessary during a shower or bath.


One common type of shower caddy is designed for semi-permanent installation. These caddies typically have dedicated spaces for one or more bottles of shampoo and conditioner, bars of soap, and other toiletries. Some caddies also have hooks or bars that sponges, scrubbers, and washcloths can be hung on. Most of these devices are fairly static in nature, though there are examples of modular shower caddies that can be altered to accommodate various different items, including razors and toothbrushes. Some of these caddies are designed to hang on a shower head, while others have a hook that can slip over a shower door or curtain bar.

Another type of shower caddy is designed primarily for use in communal situations, where each person must provide his or her own shampoo and other items. These caddies typically resemble baskets or totes that provide an easy way to carry all the necessary toiletries to and from the shower. They are usually made of waterproof substances such as rubber, and typically have holes in the sides and bottom so that water can drain out. This type of shower caddy typically lacks dedicated sections or compartments for each item, though there are some exceptions. Compartments for toothbrushes and razors are sometimes included, which can help prevent those small items from falling out.


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