What is a Shower Bidet?

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A shower bidet is a personal hygiene system that attaches directly to a standard showerhead. It effectively washes and cleans the more private regions of the body, and the handheld sprayer offers a high level of personal control over the areas to be sanitized. Shower bidets come in a variety of styles and colors.

A bidet attachment can be easily added to any typical shower. There is no need to purchase special tools or to call on installation experts. Most models can be affixed by simply disconnecting the existing shower head, snapping the bidet hand shower into place, and then reconnecting the shower head.

Among the different types of bidets available on the market, a shower bidet offers some distinct advantages. While traditional bidets spray water on a general area, shower bidets consist of a handheld nozzle that allows users to successfully pinpoint and wash a particular region. Shower bidets are also much less expensive than standard bidets and can be installed or removed with far less effort.


Many people find the control and ease of a shower bidet highly beneficial. Women who utilize a shower bidet commonly use it to wash after intimacy and integrate its application into their feminine hygiene habits. Overweight individuals can also reap the benefits, maintaining cleanliness and preventing infection. Disabled people, the elderly, and anyone who struggles with mobility are able to keep clean and healthy by targeting key areas that may otherwise be difficult to reach.

A typical shower bidet attachment resembles a sprayer, such as those found by many kitchen sinks. The water pressure, however, is much higher and more concentrated than other household sprayers. Bidet sprayers offer complete command of water temperature, and most models have adjustable hose lengths and water pressure settings, letting the user be as comfortable as possible.

Shower bidets are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors to meet the needs of the individual and the decor of the bathroom. Many types are constructed of brass and topped off with a chrome finish. Some manufacturers sell sprayers in colors such as pink, light and dark blues, and black.

Shower bidets geared toward travel and portability can also be purchased. A travel bidet is generally smaller than the standard shower version and is easy to pack and use while traveling. A portable shower bidet has a very flexible hose that can be easily folded, stored, and taken on the road to ensure cleanliness and good health.


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