What is a Shower Bench?

Malcolm Tatum

Shower benches are helpful devices that can be added to a shower or bath area, making it possible for people who are not able to stand to still enjoy the benefits of bathing. A shower bench may be a portable and thus temporary addition to the shower area or be permanently incorporated into the design of the shower stall. A number of different materials can be utilized in the creation and design of a shower bench, making it possible for just about anyone to afford some type of seating in the shower if desired.

A showerhead.
A showerhead.

The design of a shower bench is relatively simple. A firm and level seating area allows the user to sit at a comfortable height to enjoy the stream of water from the shower nozzle. Benches that are portable often come with controls to manually adjust the height. When the shower bench is intended for use in a bathtub/shower combination, the seat of the shower bench is often level with the sides of the tub and will fit comfortably in the tub proper. The shower bench is often constructed using Plexiglas, hard plastics, or metal, making the bench water-resistant and easy to clean.

Someone wearing a cast due to a broken leg may need to use a shower bench.
Someone wearing a cast due to a broken leg may need to use a shower bench.

Sometimes referred to as bath benches or shower stools, the portable bath bench can be extremely helpful when some sort of short term support is needed with taking a shower or tub bath. For example, an individual with a broken leg will not be capable of standing in a shower stall for several weeks to months. In the interim period, the bench can be placed in position and allow the individual to enjoy a relaxing shower without having to stand. Depending on the configuration of the shower area, it may also be possible to situate the broken leg so that the leg and cast are not in the direct line of the flow of water from the showerhead.

An advantage of these portable shower stools is they can easily be removed from the shower when others in the household wish to take a shower or tub bath. The waterproof construction makes it possible to maintain the device with relatively little effort, while also ensuring that the bench will remain functional for as long as needed.

In situations where the need for a shower bench is more permanent, it is possible to incorporate bath chairs and benches into the construction of the shower area. The shower chairs or benches can be built into the space and covered with the same tile as the surrounding shower stall. As a result, the shower bench provides permanent seating that anyone using the shower can take advantage of.

A shower bench is ideal for people who are older, injured, or for some reason are not able to stand long enough to take a shower. By providing a slip-proof and sturdy seating option in the shower, the shower bench makes it possible for just about anyone to enjoy the relaxing qualities of a shower without fear of falling or having to hurry through before personal reservoirs of strength are exhausted.

Some showers and baths feature a built-in bench that is crafted of ceramic tile or stone.
Some showers and baths feature a built-in bench that is crafted of ceramic tile or stone.

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