What is a Shoulder Massager?

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A shoulder massager is a device intended to provide its user with massages in the shoulder, neck and back areas. Shoulder massagers usually are designed to be used primarily around these areas and have shapes that are meant to conform to them. The features offered can depend on the specific model purchased, but all shoulder massagers all have the common purpose of providing vibrational relief to aching muscles in hard-to-reach places. Portability can make shoulder massagers more attractive to a user who regularly suffers from back and shoulder aches.

Features on a shoulder massager can vary between models. Some shoulder massagers might include heating functions. A heated shoulder massager can offer different levels of heat for aching muscles or other associated pains. This feature might provide the opportunity for those with aches to incorporate a little heat therapy into their massages. Handles on massagers might can make them easier to use, especially for someone who takes advantage of a heating function.

Vibrational intensity also can vary between models. Massagers can include different levels of intensity that can be programmed on the device and selected through the pressing of buttons. The speed of the vibrations also might be able to be set by the user. If these functions are separate, a user can combine various intensity levels and speed levels for a unique massage experience.


Shoulder massager also can be designed to reach places that aren't easily accessible. These places can include the lower neck and back areas. A shoulder massager might even provide a deep tissue massage between the shoulder blades.

Some shoulder massagers have shapes that are flexible. That is, they are created to conform to the user's body. They can wrap around the body so that they hook themselves into a position, and they can carry a little weight so that they stay in place while vibrating. Shoulder massagers also might be wrapped in soft, plush material such as fleece to make the device more comfortable to use against the body. Massagers that are encased in fabric might have to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Massaging devices can be powered by electricity or batteries. Using batteries to power the device can make a shoulder massager extremely portable. Batter-powered shoulder massagers can be transported and used in almost any place. Users should be advised, however, that some functions might not be accessible when a shoulder massager is powered solely by batteries. For example, heating functions often require electricity to work.


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