What Is a Short Projection Toilet?

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A short projection toilet is a toilet or water closet that projects a shorter distance away from the wall than a standard toilet. These units are designed to fit in small rooms, where they reduce clutter and improve overall aesthetics. A short projection toilet also allows builders to meet government codes that require equal access for disabled individuals. These toilets come in a variety of designs, as well as more compact versions of traditional toilet designs.

There are a number of ways that manufacturers reduce the overall projection or footprint of a short projection toilet. They may rely on wall-mounted units, rather than traditional floor mounted-units, which allows the tank to be built directly into the wall structure instead of sitting out in front of it. Manufacturers can also create toilets with a round or square shape rather than the standard oval design. Many simply stick to standard designs, but shrink the size of the toilet to fit in a smaller space, or create a more compact one-piece model to replace a separate tank and bowl.


The short project toilet plays a major part in helping building owners meet accessibility codes, such as ADA standards in the United states or Doc M requirements in the United Kingdom These codes requires public buildings to incorporate sufficient space for people with disabilities to enjoy equal access. This includes leaving enough space within a bathroom for wheelchair users to complete a full circle, and to transfer in and out of the chair with ease. In restrooms that have limited space available, a short projection toilet can be the key to combining access and function while meeting all legal requirements.

These toilets offer a number of advantages in residential settings, in addition to their ability to meet handicap codes. They serve as an effective alternative to full-sized toilets in small bathrooms, or those with unusual configurations. They can make a room feel less cluttered, and give the illusion of more space. These short projection toilets are available in many styles and designs, including porcelain, stainless steel, and colored varieties.

Generally, short projection toilet makers do not offer these units in the same broad range of styles as standard toilets, though more designs may become available over time. These toilets also cost more on average than standard toilets, and may have to be custom-ordered in areas with relatively little demand. Some may be more difficult to install than other toilet models, and units built into the wall require special framing and support.


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