What is a Shooting Range?

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A shooting range is a specially designed and designated area to practice shooting a rifle, shotgun, handgun, or bow. Marksmen, sportsmen, and law enforcement officials are examples of people who may frequent a shooting range. A shooting range may be for the general public or may be a private range only for law enforcement or military use.

A shooting range allows not only for target practice, but also for sighting in scopes or sights. Many hunters utilize a shooting range prior to hunting season in order to hone their shooting skills and to make sure their rifle or bow is in prime condition. Law enforcement officials may visit a shooting range prior to various weapon proficiency tests that are required for continuing certification.

The design of a shooting range may vary depending on the types of weapons that are permitted. Many shooting ranges are located outdoors, while others may be indoors. There are generally targets supplied, set at varying distances, but in some cases, shooters may have to supply their own targets. A bow shooting range is generally set up differently and separately from gun ranges and many are set up as a course, providing different ranges and heights from which to shoot.


There is generally a fee charged at a public shooting range and specific safety rules are required. There are normally areas where spectators can safely watch shooters as well. Before visiting a shooting range, either as a shooter or a spectator, it is advisable to be prepared with protective ear coverings. Also check that your particular weapon is permitted. Some shooting ranges do not allow semi-automatic weapons to be fired. For those who have never been to a shooting range, it is also advisable to go with someone who is familiar with the range, the rules, and the etiquette.

A shooting range is an ideal place for new hunters or marksmen to develop their skill and for veteran shooters to brush up on their aim and control. They are also ideal for responsibly introducing youth to the sports of hunting and target shooting.


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