What is a Shoe Storage Cupboard?

Anna T.

A shoe storage cupboard, which is also often called a shoe storage cabinet, is a piece of furniture used in a person's home for storing shoes. These cupboards might be made of wood, plastic, or other materials and are most often used in living rooms, closets, and bedrooms. The number of shoes a shoe storage cupboard can hold varies, but most of these cupboards usually hold at least 15 pairs of shoes, while others might hold up to 60 pairs. Shoe cupboards tend to be very useful for people who have lots of shoes that are taking up valuable living and storage space in their homes.

Shoe storage cupboards are useful for people who have many pairs of shoes.
Shoe storage cupboards are useful for people who have many pairs of shoes.

Shoe storage cupboards are normally made in a variety of different ways. Some of these cupboards are designed to serve more than just the purpose of storing shoes in a home. Shoe storage cupboards might be made into benches that open for shoe storage or decorative shelves and tables that have separate cubby holes for shoes on the inside. In closets, shoe storage cupboards are often built into closet organizing systems to make it much easier for people to easily locate the shoes they want to wear. Shoe cupboards also tend to be very useful in bedrooms that are either without closets or have closets without enough room for proper shoe organization.

Shoe cupboards may be useful in bedrooms that have closets without enough room for proper shoe organization.
Shoe cupboards may be useful in bedrooms that have closets without enough room for proper shoe organization.

Many people remove their shoes immediately upon entering their homes, and leaving them in plain sight directly beside a door or lined up against a wall might detract from the appearance of a person's living space. A shoe storage cupboard placed directly beside a door or against a wall may be the best option for solving this problem, because it could hide the shoes while still keeping them handy for a person who frequently comes and goes. Many people use bench-style shoe cupboards just inside the doors of their homes, because this type of cupboard can hold shoes while also providing a convenient place for people to sit down while putting their shoes on and taking them off.

The most likely place to find a shoe storage cupboard for sale is a furniture store. In addition to furniture stores, shoe cupboards are also custom designed. A custom design might work best for someone who is either trying to match a shoe cupboard to the existing decor of his home or who cannot find a cupboard for sale that is the appropriate size for his needs. Getting a custom-made shoe cupboard is occasionally possible through various furniture stores, but it is sometimes necessary to enlist the services of a furniture maker who is not affiliated with any outside business. A shoe storage cupboard that is custom made might be more expensive than a ready-made one, but many people still opt for this because there might be a better chance of getting exactly what they need.

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I have seen many of the plain wooden shoe storage benches in countries where the tradition is to remove your shoes when you enter. I think the simpler they are the better they look. I refer a thin wooden bench with the shoes lined up beneath.


@Feryll - When you build this shoe storage space for your girlfriend you should consider building a special level at the bottom of the cupboard for shoes that she wears everyday. This way she knows where they are and they are easily reached. If she is like me then she has a few pairs that get 90 percent of the wear.

Then you can build higher cubbies for boots and then you can have a special section for her dress shoes and so on. You might also want to consider more of an open shelf for high heels. This way they are more visible. A true shoe lover will understand why this is a good thing.


My girlfriend owns more shoes right now than I have had and will have in my entire life. All types of shoes in all colors ever made and she is still buying them. I'm not complaining. I just don't fully understand the infatuation.

I want to surprise her with a built in storage system for her shoes in her closet. We have a lot more storage space with the larger closets in our new house and there is plenty of room for me to build something. I'm planning to build a series of cubby holes so each pair of shoes will have a separate place, but I am wondering whether I should make different size holes for different types of shoes.

I would like to make it as detailed as possible, but I'm not really sure what would make the shoe storage unit more user friendly or more special.

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