What is a Shoe Organizer?

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A shoe organizer, also sometimes called a shoe rack or a shoe tree, is a great way to get your shoes up off the floor and out of your way. Most shoe organizers are installed in closets, but you could also place a shoe organizer in the entry way of your home if you have a big family that likes to take their shoes off when they walk inside. There are different types of shoe trees to help you organize your collection.

One type of shoe organizer is the type that is installed in your closet as part of an organization system. This organizer may be a flat rack or multi-level rack that is installed near the bottom of the closet, to keep the shoes off the floor, or it may be a set of small cubby holes to put individual pairs of shoes into. If you are installing a new closet system, or are relatively handy around the house, this is probably the best type of shoe rack to install.


Another type of shoe organizer is an over the door shoe rack. These types of shoe racks are usually bags, made of vinyl, canvas or mesh, with individual pockets to place shoes into. The bags are attached to brackets that hang over the back of the closet or bedroom door, or onto a clothes rack in the closet. They are great for saving space. These bags are very inexpensive to purchase and can be found at most stores in the "home" section. They are quite easy to install as well. Shoe organizers like this are also great for apartments, where you don't want to or aren't allowed to install a full closet organizing system.

A smaller shoe organizer for an entry way or hallway is another option. These types of shoe organizers are smaller, free-standing racks to place your shoes on when you come in from the outside. They are usually made of metal or wood, and can be relatively small, similar to a magazine rack, or larger like a bookcase. There are many different designs available to match the decor of your home.

Plastic shoe boxes are also sold as a way to organize your shoes. They are stackable and transparent, so you can see the pair of shoes inside. This might be good for storing shoes in a closet or under a bed, or to store shoes that you only wear seasonally, such as winter boots or summer sandals. A shoe organizer is a great way to de-clutter your living space.


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