What Is a Shockproof Digital Camera?

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A shockproof digital camera is not a camera that is able to stabilize an image if the camera is shaken during the photo, but one that is able to withstand being dropped and is made to be extra durable. To facilitate this durability, a shockproof digital camera is typically made of thick metal or plastic, so it will feel slightly bulkier than a regular camera, but its size is relatively the same. Shockproof cameras often have other resistances, such as being able to withstand water or freezing temperatures, but this is not always true. Most shockproof cameras are rated against a certain fall distance, so the user will know if the camera will potentially break from a fall of a certain height.

Many people have been trying to take a picture or are simply carrying their camera around when it is dropped. Sometimes the camera will be all right but, more often, the camera will shatter or some part will break. A shockproof digital camera aims to prevent this problem by making the camera more durable, so it can withstand being dropped on hard surfaces such as tile or stone. Since it is resistant to damage, hikers and others who are often outside tend to favor these cameras.


To make a shockproof digital camera more durable, it is made of thicker materials than other cameras. This is usually a thick plastic or metal, and glass portions such as the lens have coverings or are stabilized so a drop will not damage them. While thicker, and usually heavier than other cameras, they are generally about the same size.

Shockproof digital cameras are often fall-rated, allowing the user to know how far the camera can fall without harm. This rating will usually be displayed on a sticker, on the packaging, or in the camera's user manual. The typical safety rating is between 5 feet and 7 feet (1.52 to 2.1 meters). The camera usually can be dropped from a slightly higher level than the rating states and still be fine, but the camera manufacturer will not guarantee this. There are no material ratings, because the camera is designed to remain intact regardless of the surface on which it lands.

They are already made to be shock resistant, so shockproof digital camera units are typically afforded other resistances. This includes waterproofing for use underwater, temperature-proofing so it can remain in working order even in low temperatures, and crush-proofing so it can withstand substantial weights. While these are common finds, they are not absolutes; some cameras will only include shock resistance.


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I bought a shock proof camera for my daughter. The shock proof was rated at 5.8 feet, but she dropped it from 2 foot height to find it quickly broken. I called the people at Fuji camera to have them explain why the shock proof camera under warranty was not covered by such a small fall with no physical outside damage. They were only able to tell me that the fall was not covered under the warranty, huh? My shock proof camera sits at there repair shop with a $70 fee to repair and ship back to me. By the way, I have dropped my Canon DSLR and cell phones both without shock rating many of times with no issues.

Post 2

Shockproof digital cameras are also great for people who take photos of active subjects, such as sports teams and animals. In these settings, it is easy to drop your camera. With one that is shockproof, you won't have to worry that it will get damaged by an unruly or active subject.

Post 1

I spend a lot of time outdoors, and was always dropping and damaging my camera. Purchasing a shockproof digital camera is one of the best purchases I ever made because it is almost indestructible. If you have an active lifestyle, owning one of these cameras is a must.

When looking for the best model for you, ask the sales rep to show you those that are inexpensive or on sale. I have found that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a great digital camera, unless you are a professional photographer.

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