What is a Shock Absorber Bra?

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A Shock Absorber bra is a bra specially designed to reduce the amount of potentially damaging bouncing that the breasts are subjected to during vigorous sports and exercise. The term shock absorber bra sometimes simply describes a sports bra that is very supportive, but most of the time it refers specifically to a bra from the Shock Absorber line manufactured by the lingerie company Berlei. A Shock Absorber bra boasts a number of features, including double-lined, molded cups to individually prevent movement in each breast, padded straps for added comfort, and usually has specialty fabrics such as Coolmax® and X-Static® to reduce sweat and prevent bacteria and fungus growth.

The scientists behind Shock Absorber claim that exercising without proper breast support can irreversibly stretch the breast ligaments, which can lead to permanent sagging of the breasts. The researchers add that a normal everyday bra cannot provide adequate support during exercise. To prevent permanent sagging, women should wear a bra specifically designed for sports and exercise. Shock Absorber claims that its bras have been proven to limit breast movement by 74 percent in laboratory tests, even for women with large breasts performing intense activities.


Shock Absorber has designed several types of shock absorber bras to maximize bounce reduction in different activities. For instance, a runner would buy a bra that focuses on eliminating vertical bouncing from pounding steps, while a tennis player might choose a bra that will also reduce side to side movement. Swimmers and divers also have the option of purchasing a swimsuit with built-in Shock Absorber bra support. Shock Absorbers bras, unlike most normal sports bras, are sized based on both cup and band sizes. Additionally, different levels of support are available, customized to the wearer’s bust size and the intensity of the activity.

The price of a Shock Absorber bra ranges from a little bit higher to significantly higher than a regular sports bra, depending on the type. Reviews for these bras are mixed, including users who swear by their effectiveness and others who claim they are no more supportive than regular sports bras. The molded cups in some styles of Shock Absorber bra are slightly cone-shaped, similar to everyday bras, while other styles offer the rounded look of a traditional sports bra. Shock Absorber states that all of their bras are machine washable, but they do not recommend tumble drying their products.


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