What is a Shimmer Stick?

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There are many varieties of shimmer stick cosmetics. These sheer sticks can come in the form of lip product, eye shadow, bronzer, or blush. Fragrance rubs also come in the form of shimmer sticks, as do unscented body lotions and creams. Such sticks come in the shape of a tube and are generally approximately finger-length. Usable every day or for special occasions, a shimmer stick is a beauty trend that has been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

The shine-filled lipstick-type tubes are typically filled with a substance similar to lip balm, even if it’s not meant to be applied to the lips. Occasionally, though, the ingredients compose a thick liquid or paste-like material rather than a balm. Like all cosmetic products, however, consumers should be sure to patch test an area of the skin before applying it. A woman who has experienced past allergic reactions to beeswax or petroleum jelly, for example, may want to carefully read the ingredients list and avoid using products with those ingredients.


Some shimmer sticks are primarily clear in color with speckles of light-enhancing particles such as glitter. When glitter reflects light, it shines. Other times, the lip shimmer stick is red, pink, or purple in base color, with creamy white, shiny swirls. Regardless of the color inside the tube, though, it always looks a bit different when blended with your skin. If you put light pink shimmer on dark skin, it will naturally come out a bit darker than it would on pale skin, for example.

Attention is drawn to whichever body part the shimmer is adhered to. So, if someone wants to play up their small lips or show off her large lips, wearing a shimmer stick on the lips is a way to enhance that body part. Small eyes? Knowing where to brush the shimmer stick on the eyelid can make small eyes look much larger.

Shimmer sticks are also made in the form of eyeshadow or eyeliner, and can come in any color from warm to cool and everything in between. When applying a lightly colored shimmer stick around the lids, the product makes the eyes appear to be bigger. Charcoal and black shimmer sticks can give someone a smoky eye with just a hint of sheen. Pastel-hued shimmer products will produce more of a dewy, springtime look.

While teens were the first major market for shimmer sticks, women of all ages use them. Shimmer stick bronzer can make the face, shoulders, or chest look healthily bronze without frying under the sun. It's best to apply shimmer stick bronzer in only a few key areas. The purpose of it is to produce a natural sheen in certain areas rather than give the whole body a bath in glitter. A small dab of the stick across the cheek bones and shoulders should be enough.


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Post 3

@googie98: Not all shimmers come in a stick form. For example, if you have shimmer eye shadow, it will most likely come in an eye shadow form. Many bronzers come in a powder. From personal experience, the powder forms of shimmer get a little messy but they are very common.

I find that the powders work a lot better than the sticks. I get more of a glow from the powders. Shimmer blushes will also most likely come in a simple round container in a form similar to regular blushes. As far as glosses go, I would assume shimmer gloss comes just as normal gloss comes.

Post 2

I love shimmer of all kinds. I enjoy the eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, and even the glosses. However, I don't necessarily like the fact that it comes in a stick. Are there any shimmers that do not come in a stick?

Post 1

Shimmer sticks are appropriate for women and girls of all ages. I am 39 and I use shimmer stick lip gloss and cheek-blush. They come in a variety of colors to appeal to your skin tone. They are accenting to your skin year-round, not only in the summer. Many women feel that shimmer sticks are only used during the summer time. Whether you're going to a club or to work, shimmer sticks will enhance your beauty.

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