What is a Sexual Assault Program?

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A sexual assault program is designed to help promote awareness and counsel victims of sexual violence or sexual harassment. Created to form a support group for victims and their loved ones, a sexual assault program can be joined through a local organization or even online. There are many available resources for finding a local sexual assault support program to enroll in, and one may begin by doing a simple Internet search.

Victims of sexual assault often have a very difficult time emotionally after experiencing such a trauma. For many of these victims, it helps to become involved in a sexual assault program where they can connect with other victims and share their experience, and also seek help from a trained professional. Sexual assault help may include one-on-one counseling or group therapy.

Victims who have been assaulted sexually while in school may find help and support at a local student sexual assault program organized by their schools. Some of these programs also offer free training for volunteers who help victims. Becoming a sexual assault victims advocate is not limited to victims. Anyone who has been affected by sexual assault in any aspect can participate in such a program.

There are various sexual assault programs designated for specific age groups or genders. Sexual assault does not only happen to women. Men may also become victims of this crime. Experts believe victims who have been traumatized by sexual assault experience emotional benefits from participating in a sexual assault program.

Another type of sexual assault program is organized by the United States Army. This type of program is designated to help victims of sexual assault who are currently in, or have been in, the armed forces. Family members of victims are generally encouraged to participate in these programs as well.

Most sexual assault programs will have a telephone hotline that may operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Volunteers are typically on standby for receiving calls and offering direction to appropriate resources. Most of these coalitions and programs have written material available upon request. Many of these organizations and programs dedicated to helping sexual assault victims are supported by public donations.

In some cases, volunteers from a sexual assault program will escort a victim to the police station when filing a report. This may include appearing in court with the victim if the need arises. This practice may differ according to program policies.

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