What is a Sewing Club?

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A sewing club is a formal or informal group of people who meet on a regular basis to work on sewing projects. These clubs are usually made up of women, but sometimes have male members as well. They meet in community centers, churches, stores that specialize in materials for sewing projects, stores that specialize in crafting materials, and in private homes. Sometimes sewing clubs for children meet in in schools, after school program facilities, and at summer camps.

The scope of a sewing club can vary widely. A sewing club for kids at a summer camp, for example, may only have the purpose of teaching the children in the group how to make one item. A sewing club for adults that meets on a regular basis, however, may have members who make dozens of items during their time in the club. Some clubs specialize in specific types of sewing projects such as needlepoint or quilting. The movie How to Make an American Quilt, for example, is largely based on a group of women who are in a sewing club together and make quilts as a group.


Informal sewing clubs held at a private home are usually attended by a group of friends. The host and location of the club may rotate. Clubs that are organized by stores, community centers, or churches are usually held in the same place every time and may have a facilitator to lead the group. The facilitator may be an experienced sewer who can teach new techniques to the other members as well as instruct everyone in how to complete a new pattern.

Sewing can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. For this reason, being a part of such a club can be beneficial for one's emotional and mental well-being. It is also a good way to enjoy the company of others and make friends, which are also important aspects of emotional wellness. These are some of the key reasons why sewing clubs are often organized by community centers and churches. They are also sometimes organized for the residents of retirement communities.

Most areas have at least one local sewing club. Information about such clubs can usually be found at community centers and craft stores. For those who cannot find a local sewing club, there are also online sewing clubs in which people meet for virtual sewing circles. Online communities are also a good place to find sewing tips and search for new patterns.


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