What Is a Seven Layer Burrito?

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A seven layer burrito is a meal in which a burrito is prepared using seven or more different ingredients. Then rather than blending all the ingredients together, they are spooned into the burrito in layers like a lasagna. Of course, there are a number of different ways to make a seven layer burrito, but usually they begin with a layer of meat or beans, followed by lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole. They may then include a layer of rice, and often sour cream and cheese to complete the seven layers. The burrito may then be baked in the oven for a few minutes or pressed in a grill to soften and heat the tortilla.

The basis for a seven layer burrito is the tortilla. A soft flour tortilla is the most common choice, but corn tortillas may be used as well, though these may not hold up or roll as well without cracking. A meat or bean mixture is then typically the first layer in a seven layer burrito. Ground beef or shredded chicken are quite popular, but refried beans are also a common choice for this first layer. Lettuce and fresh chopped tomatoes, the next two layers, are not traditionally found in most burrito recipes, but are common inclusions in this particular version.


Many people will add a layer of guacamole as the next part in the seven layer burrito, followed by warm Mexican rice. This type of rice is often flavored with spices such as red pepper and cumin. Some will also mix salsa in with the rice, or even just place a layer of salsa instead of the guacamole if they prefer it this way. A dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese make up the last two of the seven layers and completes the meal.

Even though this is one common way to prepare a seven layer burrito, there are many ways to modify it based on taste preferences or the ingredients on hand. For instance, some people might want to prefer a seven layer burrito including seafood like fried fish or shrimp. Another option is to prepare a breakfast burrito using eggs, cheeses, and meat such as ham, sausage or bacon. This is an easy dish to experiment with, can make a great meal for any time of day, and is easy to simply wrap up in tin foil, and take on the go for an easy and filling breakfast or lunch.


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Post 2

I like seven-layer burritos, but I'd almost rather have them open face, kind of like a chalupa. They're easier to eat that way. I'm also partial to the regular rolled kind and, I'm ashamed to say, when they're deep fried. Deep frying can improve almost anything. The grilled kind are good, too.

I love rice, but can't eat much of it, so I usually leave it off my burritos and look for another ingredient I like equally as well. And you don't really need rice when you have the tortilla, anyway. It's just another starch.

Post 1

I'm a sucker for breakfast burritos, and ever since I heard about them, I've loved them. I really like them with salsa, too. Granted, I like being up for a while before I eat a breakfast burrito, but I still like them. I prefer them with bacon and scrambled eggs, onion, cheese, tomatoes, salsa and bell peppers. No jalapenos, please.

Eating a breakfast burrito with a hot cup of coffee is one of my favorite ways to start a road trip. It's not a real vacation until I've eaten breakfast on the road. That's my way of starting the trip off on the right foot.

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