What is a Services Bundle?

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A services bundle is a package of services. This strategy of lumping services together is used in many industries. It can be beneficial for both service providers and consumers. Consumers, however, usually need to inspect service bundles closely because sometimes they end up paying for things that they do not need.

Service bundles are used by many different types of service providers. Automotive mechanics may offer a service bundle for maintenance. Satellite providers commonly offer deals if a person subscribes to a certain package of channels. Spas even offer service bundles for a variety of beauty and wellness services.

A services bundle can be beneficial to a service provider in many ways. First, it can help to boost sales. This happens because a customer who is seeking one type of service may be offered a range of other services at a price that seems irresistible. Instead of a person paying $35 US Dollars (USD) for an oil change, she may receive a fuller maintenance bundle for $55 USD.

Second, a services bundle can acquaint a person with services that she may never have considered before. If she is impressed, she may individually pay for them later. For example, a woman may regularly go to a spa for a manicure and a facial. If she purchases a bundle one day that includes her regular services and a massage, she may enjoy it enough to make massages part of her regular routine.


A services bundle can be good for consumers for a variety of reasons, too. First, consumers generally receive more services for less money. Second, consumers may get to experience services without paying full price. Consumers must be careful and ensure that any service bundle that they choose will offer these benefits.

The idea behind a services bundle is to provide a package that is cheaper than each individual service. It is not a substantial benefit for the consumers if the packages they are offered reflect each item at full price. This means that consumers usually should calculate the price of each part of a service bundle and compare the total with the price at which the service bundle is offered.

Even if the prices are substantially reduced, a services bundle is not beneficial if it contains items that a consumer does not need. Consumers also should be cautious of sales tactics that push services that are not truly beneficial to them. For example, there is no real benefit in saving money on satellite television channels that a person will never watch.


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Post 2

I was offered a phone service bundle for my cell phone and actually turned it down. While phone bundle services sound like big savings, they are only good if you actually plan on using everything they give you.

For myself, I just need a good text messaging plan and voice mail. I don't need three-way calling, call display, Internet or games on my phone, so there was no sense on me paying for a bundle that would actually cost me more in the long run. Sometimes I think bundled telephone services are made for people who want everything, just in case they might use it someday. I prefer just to pay for what I need.

Post 1

I recently got hooked on Internet and phone service bundles from my local provider. I found that if I got both services from the same company I could save close to 25% on my monthly bill. If you toss in your cable service too, the savings goes up to 40%.

I think the only downside when you bundle your services is that if one of the services isn't very good you're stuck with it. Often service bundles require you to contract with the company for up to 3 years just to get all the savings. I am lucky in that my Internet is fast, my TV channels work well and my phone service provides everything I need.

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