What is a Service Coordinator?

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A service coordinator represents the company to clients. The position is usually at a mid-management level between a supervisor and a manager, and often reports to the manager of client services. The client or business service manager is responsible for planning strategies to make sure clients' needs are being met. He or she delegates responsibilities through the service coordinator that fit the plan's objectives for client care.

The coordinator must work with different departments as required to meet client needs on each specific product. For instance, if a client wants a brochure created to promote a new product, it's often the coordinator's responsibility to get the details and coordinate them through other departments or outside services. For example, he or she may use research from the marketing or information technology (IT) department before the brochure is completed. After creative department employees, or contracted freelance copywriters and designers, complete the brochure copy, the coordinator makes sure it meets client specifications.

Client service coordinators work closely with clients. They initiate contact with customers and report any complaints to the client services manager. While this person's main job is to make sure clients needs are being met, he or she may be given additional assignments by his or her manager. Coordinators must also keep track of the services each client receives. Client feedback is taken seriously.


Those who work in this job must have top notch communication skills, and they may hold a degree in communications or another discipline. A bachelor's degree is usually preferred for most positions. Coordinators also need good computer skills, as they may use some project management software to keep track of client services. Time management and organizational skills are crucial for a service coordinator as he or she spends most of each workday understanding and communicating the details of different clients' projects.

Coordinators are often responsible for training staff in customer service policy. Most positions are full time, and it may be possible for someone who does this job to be promoted to manager. It's important for the employee to maintain client services standards as set by the department's manager.

Service coordinators use telephone, email, and face-to-face communication with clients to ask questions about customer needs and to provide project updates. The quality of the end product is always a primary concern, and the coordinator analyzes past and present client service projects to improve on future quality.


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Post 3

When I'm working with firms, one of the first people I want to get to know is the service coordinator.

I want to know if I can speak comfortably with the coordinator, if he or she is respectful to me and actually listens to what I'm talking about.

Sometimes I meet service coordinators who try to convince me about what exactly I want from them when it's supposed to be the opposite. The coordinator should be listening to me and creating something that fits my needs, rather than adjusting my needs to their services.

If the end product isn't what I wanted, I know it's because the service coordinator isn't doing their job right.

Post 2

I think that the service coordinator is very important because their relations with a client can literally make or break a deal.

I see the service coordinator as being the person that represents the client and their needs to the company. So how the coordinator communicates with the client is extremely important.

Even if the company isn't able to deliver services exactly as the client wanted the first time, the positive relationship and trust between the coordinator and client can prevent them from ending the deal. This can give the company more opportunities to deliver the perfect goods and services and gain clients for the long-term.

Do you agree?

Post 1

Service coordinators can be practically found in every field where an agency or company is serving people. So there are service coordinators that work in the health care system, insurance sector, housing sector and many more.

If there is a marketing department in an agency or company, then there is probably a service coordinator as part of the management team.

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