What Is a Selling Technique?

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A selling technique is a method by which a person involved in sales makes contact with a potential customer and demonstrates how a product would benefit that customer, resulting in a sale. There are many different specific techniques and methods that can be used in sales, and many people find that practice and trying out different methods helps them find the one that is best for them. A selling technique can usually be broken down into different steps utilized to make a sale, beginning with getting the attention of a client, building interest and desire in a product, demonstrating the worth of a product, and finally closing a sale.

The selling technique used by a salesperson typically depends on the preferences of the company he or she works for and the technique he or she finds works best. There are dozens of techniques that can be used, and there are different ways in which various aspects of each technique can be combined. This allows a salesperson to create a technique that works best for him or her. For some people, it is easiest to simply follow a script provided by a company, which often incorporates various aspects of different selling techniques.


Regardless of the method used, a selling technique can often be broken down into a few basic steps in the sales process. Selling usually begins with an opening that seeks to gain the attention of a potential client. This can be as simple as a salesperson shaking hands with a customer and introducing himself or herself. “Cold calling” refers to the process of someone attempting to make contact with a person with whom he or she has no prior interaction.

Once attention has been gained through some means, then a selling technique typically seeks to build interest and desire in a customer for a product. This can be done by demonstrating how a product works or showing ways in which it can save someone money. When a salesperson is working directly with a customer, he or she might use emotional appeals to demonstrate how a product can improve a person’s finances or lifestyle.

A selling technique can also be used to demonstrate the worth of a product. This often involves comparisons of the product with competitors, usually showing how the product surpasses competitors in affordability or quality. A good selling technique can combine this step with gaining attention, by showing how a product is better than competitors at the beginning of a sales process.

The conclusion of a selling technique is often referred to as the “close” and is meant to actually gain a sale. There are many different ways in which a person can close a sale, usually ranging from soft closes to hard closes. A soft close is fairly passive and may involve allowing a customer to express further interest and the customer asking to buy a product; a hard close pushes a product more aggressively and actively makes a sale happen.


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