What is a Sea Salt Colon Cleanse?

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A sea salt colon cleanse is an easy, at-home colon cleanse that has been around for centuries. It is considered by many to be the simplest and most effective way to cleanse the colon and clear the digestive tract of impurities, toxins and waste build up. The process is done over a one- or two-week period and involves ingesting a simple mixture of sea salt and water.

This colon cleanse involves mixing 1 quart (1 liter) of water with 2 tablespoons (about 29 grams) of sea salt. The mixture is heated until warm, and then swallowed as quickly as possible. The salt must be pure sea salt or pure mineral salt free from any chemical treatments. Regular table salt is useless in this cleanse, because it does not have the same minerals as sea salt. Those minerals are essential in breaking down solidified waste in the digestive tract.

A sea salt colon cleanse is best done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This ensures that there is little to no waste still in the digestive track, allowing the cleanse to work on clearing out residual waste and toxins. Experts believe the sea salt works so well because the mixture has the same specific gravity as human blood, which means it does not pass through the kidneys, as most liquids do. This allows the salt to enter the digestive tract unaltered, providing a thorough cleaning.


Frequent trips to the bathroom should be expected a few hours after ingesting the mixture. This is a sign that the cleanse is working. Those doing this treatment for the first time should drink the mixture every morning for two weeks. Following this complete cleansing, the mixture can be consumed once a week to maintain colon health.

Other than thoroughly cleaning the digestive tract, a sea salt colon cleanse may also kill any parasites in the digestive system. Some people also believe that it can lower the risk of appendicitis, reduce frequent headaches, reduce the risk of heart disease, and eliminate menstrual problems. It is much less invasive than an enema and, unlike an enema, requires no special equipment.


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