What is a Sea Salt Body Scrub?

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A sea salt body scrub is a sea salt-based mixture that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the body to reveal new layers of skin. Besides sea salt, this scrub may contain any number of extra minerals or natural ingredients like desert salt and kelp. A scrub that contains vitamins B and C can improve skin elasticity and the skin's ability to retain moisture, while emollients like aloe vera can also be added to the mixture. A body scrub recipe may also include ingredients that contribute to an attractive fragrance such as ginger or essential oils.

While a sea salt body scrub can be manufactured by big companies and purchased from a store, an economical alternative is to make a sea salt body scrub at home. Sea salt body scrubs that are handmade often yield the same kind of results as spa treatments. An effective body scrub can be made with three simple ingredients: sea salt, oil and essential oils.


To create a sea salt scrub, gather together a mason jar, a chopstick, coarse sea salt, oil (sesame oil, canola oil, safflower oil or apricot kernel oil) and essential oil for scenting. The jar can then be filled 3/4 of the way with sea salt. In a separate container, oil is mixed with essential oil drops; generally, the ratio is 10 drops of essential oil per cup of oil but the amount of essential added can be left up to preference. The oil and essential oil mixture is poured into the jar so that the oil hovers about one inch (2.54 cm) above the salt. The sea and oils are then mixed with a chopstick and the container is sealed for future use.

Application of a sea salt body scrub is relatively straightforward. A person should first place herself in a shower or bathtub and moisten her skin. She should then apply the product on her body and begin massaging it onto her skin using soft, circular motions. Once the skin has been sufficiently scrubbed, the product can then be washed off.

Because of their effectiveness and affordability, sea salt scrubs are becoming popular with men as well. Men may benefit from a sea salt body scrub in the same ways that women do. Companies that make special formulations of products for men often create sea salt body scrubs that may be used on all areas of the male body.

Anyone who uses a sea salt scrub would do well to complete the scrub treatment with a moisturizer to replenish and hydrate newly exfoliated skin. Similarly, anyone who finds a homemade sea salt body scrub mixture excessively drying may consider adding more oil to their recipe. Those who think their recipe is too oily can subtract oil from the mixture.


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