What is a Scrapbooking Desk?

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A scrapbooking desk is a piece of furniture designed to feature lots of storage for scrapbooking items. These desks are typically very large and include a number of small drawers of various sizes; some will also include a hutch top for further storage above the desk. A scrapbooking desk allows crafters to keep their supplies neat and organized, making it easier to find supplies when they are needed, as well as prevent them from becoming damaged. Some people even set aside an entire room in the home for the purpose of scrapbooking, that includes storage space for supplies, in addition to the desk.

Typically, a scrapbooking desk is the height of any standard work desk, with a wide, flat top for working on scrapbooks. Occasionally, though, this type of desk is designed much higher, to allow the person using it to stand and work on crafts. This is because some people find it easier to stand up while creating scrapbooks, allowing more ease of movement around the room to grab supplies as they are needed. Stools might be used at this type of desk, or some people choose to purchase two desks; one for sitting down to work for extended periods and for storage, and one for standing up to work.


The combination of drawers and shelves that is typically found on a scrapbooking desk allows for a great deal of customization by the user. Drawer inserts and dividers, for example, can be used for storing smaller items that might become lost in a larger drawer, such as stamps or embellishments. Hanging folders or shelf dividers may be placed for storing paper flat, so it does not become curled or bent. Items used for organizing can typically be purchased at office supply or storage solutions stores, and are usually easy to modify to suit the needs of individuals and the specific projects they like to work on. This allows all items to be kept in one place and be easily located, rather than having them all over the house.

A scrapbooking desk may be purchased at some furniture stores, craft stores, or online. Some people may also be able to build a scrapbooking desk to exact specifications, which can be a good way to save money and to ensure the furniture will last. This is especially true for people who enjoy doing scrapbooking with other friends or family members, where a larger, custom workspace may be needed.


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