What is a Scrapbook Convention?

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Scrapbook conventions are events that make it possible for scrapbook enthusiasts to interact with one another and with vendors who manufacture goods and services that are utilized in the art of creating scrapbooks. Conventions of this type vary in size and in location. In some cases, the convention may be focused on a particular type of scrapbooking activity, such as software used in digital scrapbooking. However, most conventions are geared toward a wide audience and include something of interest for all scrapbooking hobbyists.

The typical scrapbooking convention is an eclectic combination of vendors who wish to acquaint hobbyists with the many options in materials and software on the market today and attendees who represent just about every age, gender and background. Along with exhibit booths operated by suppliers and vendors, the scrapbook convention usually includes classes in various scrapbooking techniques, lectures on scrapbooking as part of the creation of a family history, and many social opportunities for the attendees.


A scrapbook convention is usually hosted at a community or civic center, and is open to the public. Attendees may register to attend all the activities offered at the convention, or purchase day passes to attend events offered on specific days and enjoy the exhibits. As scrapbooking has continued to grow in popularity, it has become more common for a scrapbook convention to require registration in advance for anyone who wishes to attend the full roster of activities. However, localized conventions often still are open to the general public and allow registration at the beginning of the event.

Scrapbooking conventions occur at just about every level. The scrapbook convention may be held for enthusiasts within a limited geographic region, such as a parish or county, or focus on attracting attendees from anywhere in the country of origin. Conventions may be weekend events or continue for the majority of the week. When the convention is intended for a wide audience, it is not unusual for the organizing entity to secure discounts for attendees, such as price breaks on hotel rooms, discount coupons for local restaurants, and other benefits that help to increase participation.

With the advent of the Internet, scrapbooking began to increase dramatically in popularity. While always considered to be a form of folk art, the ability to share ideas and purchase materials online helped the hobby to attract many new enthusiasts. The scrapbook convention is an outgrowth of that increased popularity and if often organized by a state or national association devoted to some aspect of scrapbooking.


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Post 2

I can't walk into a Michael's store without stopping to look at all the choices of scrapbook paper. I can spend quite a bit of time just browsing through all of the different patterns and designs. If they are on sale, then I just can't resist adding to my collection!

Even if I am going in to the store for nothing related to scrapbooking, I always walk through the scrapbook supplies aisle to see what is new or marked down for quick sale.

Post 1

Scrapbooking is a big business and there are a lot of scrapbook enthusiasts around! It can be as simple or detailed as you want it to be. With the software programs and craft gadgets you have available to choose from, it can be somewhat high tech - but only if you choose for it to be.

I have looked at some of the different software programs, but still prefer doing it the way I learned with simple scrapbook layouts in my books. If it becomes too involved, I won't get it done. But if I can sit down for a few hours, be creative and relax I am much more motivated to keep my pictures in wonderful albums.

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