What is a Scooping Technician?

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If your current career involves the removal of dog poop and the use of dog poop removal accessories, at least you can now tell your future in-laws you are indeed a scooping technician. The timing of such an announcement, however, is strictly subjective.

A scooping technician is employed by a dog waste disposal service, and his or her primary duties include scheduled home visits to paying clients. Once on the premises, a trained scooping technician will use a number of tools to find and remove dog poo. The "gifts" are usually double bagged to reduce odor and make the collection bags easier to handle. Some scooping technicians will transport the bags to a remote disposal site, while others may leave the bags in the client's own refuse cans or a communal trash bin.

The dog waste removal service can charge varying rates based on the frequency of the scooping technician's visits and the number of dogs on the property. The company can also compensate their employees or contractors for mileage if they use personal vehicles to reach the work area. Many dog waste disposal services are provided by self-employed individuals filling a niche market in their local neighborhoods.


While the job itself may seem distasteful or unsanitary, a trained and experienced scooping technician generally learns to detach himself or herself from the task at hand. The specialized waste collection tools make the job much easier than a standard "poop and scoop" technique employed by many dog owners while walking their pets. To a successful scooping technician, dog waste equals job security.

Because pet waste disposal is considered a service or small business venture, contracts for service between the pet owners and the company may need to be drawn up. Some scooping technicians will work on a one-time or casual basis, but many prefer to have steady clients with regular schedules, either weekly or monthly. Because the scooping technician must enter the client's property with or without supervision, some form of legal bonding may also be in order.

A scooping technician or the disposal company may also charge for last-minute cancellations, as well as any cancellations caused by the presence of vicious dogs. The waste disposal company can also charge higher fees for a one-time visit or an initial visit before establishing regular service. A scooping technician may also be needed before holding an outdoor event such as a wedding or family reunion.


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What are the tools used by the scooping technician?

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This is the beginning of some good news.

The "Green" army will have the Scooping Technician collecting and then depositing the collections to a central location to be recycled at fertilizer or fuel.

In nature, nothing is wasted - all finds its place in the propagation of life and pup scoops probably ought to part of it.

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