What is a SASE?

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SASE is an acronym for a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Simply said, a SASE is an envelope addressed to you and containing postage so that recipient can send you something in return at your expense. A SASE is often requested when contacting a company for information about its products or services.

The SASE will be contained in another, outer envelope that is addressed to the business or company and also contains appropriate postage. It is often necessary to fold the SASE so that it will fit in the outer envelope. The concept of a SASE is that if an individual is required to provide the postage and envelope, a business, charity or organization can save money on responses to consumers. The SASE also saves the responder the time that would have been spent addressing the envelope.

In addition to requesting information, there are other reasons for using a SASE. Writers often include a SASE when contacting publishers or agents regarding consideration of material for publication. Sometimes businesses will request that you send a SASE along with a payment so that they can mail you a receipt in return.

A SASE is frequently used when requesting the autograph of a famous personality or athlete. Individuals entering a sweepstakes often enclose a SASE to receive a list of contest winners at the conclusion of the sweepstakes. In the United Kingdom, SASE is abbreviated to SAE, or stamped, addressed envelope.


Some funny things can occur if you’re not meticulous when sending a SASE. If you place the wrong envelope on the outside, you will mail your letter or request for information to yourself. On the SASE, you must write or type your name and address in the center of the envelope. Use the normal, first-class rate of postage unless advised otherwise and place the postage on the upper right-hand corner of the envelope. Be sure to also place the appropriate postage on the outer envelope as well.


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