What is a Sandwich Spreader?

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Sandwich spreaders are simple utensils that are used to condiments and other types of foods onto slices of bread. With a blade area that is somewhat more rounded than a standard dinner knife, the sandwich spreader makes it possible to apply a level spread of the food in question. A serrated edge also makes it possible to make a smooth cut into the bread slices once the food spreads are in place.

Using a sandwich spreader is particularly helpful when spreading such foods as peanut butter and jelly, tuna or egg salad, or deviled ham. The spreader also works well with condiments such as mayonnaise or mustard. If the food spread is somewhat thick in nature, the rounded blade can be used to create a decorative pattern in an open faced sandwich.

Another application of the sandwich spreader is in the preparation of foods that may be used on sandwiches. Because of the serrated edge, the spreader works very well for creating thin slices of various ingredients. It is possible to use a sandwich spreader to slice tomatoes, cheese, or cucumbers into thin slices that will lay evenly on a slice of bread.


The serrated edge of a sandwich spreader is also handy when cutting a sandwich into several sections. Unlike a table knife, the blade of the sandwich spreader makes a clean cut that does not create ragged edges on the sections. The spreader works very well for removing the crusts from slices of bread as well as creating uniform sections.

Sometimes referred to as a sandwich spatula, the sandwich spreader usually has a blade that measures three to five inches in length. The handle of the average sandwich spreader resembles the handle on a standard dinner knife and may be constructed with several different materials. Simple versions of the sandwich spreader are often made with stainless steel or plastic. However, it is possible to purchase decorative spreaders that have handles made of various types of wood and adorned with brass fittings. All types of spreaders can be purchased at kitchen shops and many discount retail stores that carry kitchen utensils.


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Post 2

I make a lot of sandwiches for my family's lunches in the morning, and I would be lost without a sandwich spreader knife. A silicone spatula isn't easy to handle, and a regular butter knife doesn't hold enough of a condiment to spread it evenly. The sandwich spatula is great for spreading peanut butter all over the bread, not just in the center.

Post 1

When I worked at a local deli, I used a sandwich spreader knife every day and I loved it. I didn't have much time to waste during a lunch rush, so I had a sandwich spreader in every condiment container. I could spread out mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and thousand island dressing on sandwich bread very quickly and evenly. A regular butter or dinner knife just didn't provide that kind of coverage with one swipe.

I used a different kind of off-set sandwich knife to cut the sandwiches in half, but the sandwich spreader's serrated edges did come in handy sometimes. One good swipe would cut cheese slices in half for smaller sandwiches or split the tops off pita bread. It was a great multi-tasker, for sure.

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