What Is a Sandwich Platter?

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Also known as a sandwich tray, a sandwich platter is a serving platter that is arranged with different types of sandwiches. In many instances, the presentation of the sandwiches on the platter is augmented with the inclusion of different types of condiments and side dishes to go with the sandwiches, such as pickles and a variety of chips. The idea behind a sandwich platter is to create a casual dining experience that allows everyone at the table to pick and choose different sandwiches to enjoy, dressing them with individual choices of condiments.

There are a number of considerations that go into creating a sandwich platter. The first consideration has to do with the selection of breads and fillers for the sandwiches. Here, the personal preferences of those who will enjoy the sandwiches are often taken into account. It is not unusual for a sandwich platter to include some meat-filled sandwiches while others are created using a collection of raw vegetables or cheese as the filler. In addition, both visual interest and a wider range of flavors can be achieved by using an eclectic combination of different breads.


The size of the sandwiches on the platter may also vary. For more casual situations, the sandwich platter may sport a selection of sandwiches cut into halves or quarters and tastefully arranged in the center, with condiments and pickles or chips to the side. At other times, the sandwiches may be cut into interesting shapes, such as circles. Casual sandwich platter designs may allow for leaving the crust on the bread, while a more formal look can be achieved by removing the crusts.

The size, variety and cut of the sandwiches will often depend on the type of gathering that is taking place. For situations in which the sandwiches are being served as the main focus of the food for the get-together, the platter should include several different sandwich options. In addition, the number of small sandwiches available should be sufficient to allow guests the opportunity to sample more than one kind. The cut of the sandwiches should always allow guests to quickly select and retrieve a section of sandwich from the platter without any complications.

A sandwich platter can be the ideal option for a number of social events. Card games or an afternoon spent watching sports on television is a great setting for a casual platter of sandwiches. In the office, a platter loaded with different types of sandwich options works very well for a quick meal during a working lunch. Even at a party, a well-crafted sandwich platter can help to enhance the look of a buffet table and provide guests with something filling to enjoy along with the other foods and beverages.


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