What Is a Saliva Spray?

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Saliva spray is a type of spray used to help stimulate saliva production in people who suffer from dry mouth. This condition can make it difficult for a person to swallow or even speak, and it can have a number of causes. Most of these sprays contain safe, natural ingredients like sweeteners, herbs, and oils. Doctors usually recommend using these sprays before meals, or any other time that the symptoms of dry mouth become uncomfortable.

Dry mouth is a common medical condition characterized by very little saliva. This occurs when a person's salivary glands do not produce an adequate amount of saliva. Without saliva, a person will often have problems swallowing and speaking. Saliva also acts as a barrier and lubricant for the tissues in the mouth.

Medications and underlying illnesses are generally the most common causes of dry mouth. Patients who take anti-depressants or diuretics, for instance, are typically more likely to suffer from dry mouth. Diabetics, who are prone to dehydration, may also suffer from dry mouth.

One of the most popular treatments for dry mouth is saliva spray. When saliva spray is sprayed into the mouth, it wets the inside of the mouth, providing instant relief from dry mouth. It also helps coat the membranes in the mouth, which can make it easier to swallow and speak. This type of spray may also help stimulate the production of saliva, and some saliva spray can even help minimize bad breath.

Most saliva sprays contain sweeteners, such as glycerin. They also usually contain natural plant compounds, particularly cellulose. A saliva spray might also contain herbs that may help stimulate the production of saliva, such as peppermint and clove.

Doctors generally agree that using a saliva spray is safe. Most people who use these types of artificial saliva products usually experience no side effects or adverse reactions. Individuals who experience allergic reactions to these sprays, like swelling or hives, should stop using these products immediately.

To use a saliva spray, a person simply sprays the liquid into his mouth. One or two squirts of this product is usually the recommended dose. This should be done before every meal and snack. Spraying this liquid in the mouth before bed can also help prevent dry mouth in the morning. A person can also use this spray any other time the symptoms of dry mouth become uncomfortable.

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Post 3
@SteamLouis -- I'm using a saliva spray that I am very happy with. It's not fancy, it's basically just made of water, yerba santa herb and natural lemon flavor. This is the closest thing I've found to real saliva and makes a huge difference. I usually use it at night as my dry throat and mouth seem to worsen later in the day. Before, I was trying to fight dry mouth by sipping on water. It helped but made me go to the bathroom multiple times at night. Using the saliva spray has reduced my need for water.
Post 2

@turquoise-- For the most part, they are the same. But I think that there are also prescription saliva sprays that are medicated and actually help saliva production. Artificial saliva spray is meant to replace saliva but might not encourage natural saliva production. It's a good idea to read up on the various saliva sprays on the market to learn more about what each does.

I've been searching for a good saliva spray for a long time as I also suffer from chronic dry mouth. I have tried about four different sprays but none of them worked well. Either the effects were very short lasting, requiring frequent application, or the sprays left a sticky and unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Post 1

So is saliva spray same as artificial saliva?

I have chronic dry mouth due to diabetes and I'm thinking about trying saliva spray. Does anyone here use one? Does it really work?

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