What is a Sales Presentation?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A sales presentation is an event at which a company representative meets with clients to demonstrate the company's products and services, with the goal of making a sale. Sales presentations are an important part of the marketing process, as they allow company representatives to meet directly with their customers, creating a personalized and individual sales approach. There are a number of different styles and formats for sales presentations, depending on the industry and the product being sold.

Some sales presentations are made with the assistance of a digital projector.
Some sales presentations are made with the assistance of a digital projector.

In some cases, a sales presentation takes place at the customer's business, as when a pharmaceutical representative visits a doctor's office to discuss a new line of medications. Sales presentations can also be held in hotels and conference centers, in which case they are usually designed for a crowd, rather than a single client. Clients can also travel to a company for a sales presentation, a method which is sometimes used when products are bulky. Airline representatives, for example, may travel to an aerospace company to inspect a new aircraft. Online sales presentations are also popular in some industries.

It is important to wear informal attire that isn't too flashy when giving a presentation.
It is important to wear informal attire that isn't too flashy when giving a presentation.

During a sales presentation, the company representative provides information about what the company is selling. He or she creates a pitch which is tailored to the customer and designed to draw the customer in, promoting the company's reputation and product and showing customers how the company's product will suit their needs. The representative also answers questions during the sales presentation, often using questions as marketing opportunities.

Classically, sales presentations include giveaways. Gifts are used by companies to make sure that they stay in their minds of their clients, as every time the client sees or uses the gift, he or she will think of the company. Product giveaways can include things like pens, mugs, and free samples, along with more elaborate giveaways, like weekends at resorts, free trips on aircraft, and so forth. In the case of a sales presentation which is designed to land a major contract or deal, the company may be quite lavish.

Visual aids are also used during a sales presentation, including physical models, product samples, and slideshows such as Powerpoint presentations. Commonly, people are invited to take product literature and information with them so that they can read up about the product after the sales presentation. They are also invited to take order forms and contact information for sales representatives so that they can place orders. A skilled sales representative can land a sale at a sales presentation, closing the deal before he or she even leaves the building.

Sales presentations often try to get new investors for a company.
Sales presentations often try to get new investors for a company.
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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@Icecream17- I agree and think that more sales presentation training should be conducted with salespeople because many lose the prospect’s interest in the beginning of the presentation.

The presentation should be focused and engaging. Some salespeople make the mistake of putting a lot of text in a presentation that makes it hard to read. The presentation should be colorful and fun to look at.


@Sneakers41- I agree with you said. You also have to read the customer to see if they have a question or concern. Objections will come up and it is important to tackle them immediately so that your prospects will have no doubt left on your product or service.

Asking for the sale in a confident manner is also important because it shows your prospect that you are used to closing sales and he or she will see you as more professional if you do.

I think that when you prepare your sales presentation you have to address how your product or service will help the prospect because if they don’t understand the value that you bring to the table they will not buy. These are my sales presentation tips.


I think that some of the best sales presentation techniques involve establishing some type of rapport with the prospect. This could be as simple as discussing current events or even the weather.

If it is something that is not related to business, the prospect will not only warm up to you but they will become more relaxed and will listen to your presentation. I also think that making eye contact and trying to use the prospect’s name also helps make your presentation more memorable.

I know as a customer that is what stands out in my mind when someone is trying to sell me something. I always remember the salespeople that do the above because unfortunately they are few and far between.

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