What is a Round Brush?

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A round hairbrush is a brush that has the top half of the handle encircled by bristles, as opposed to them being only on one side. These types of hairbrushes can be quite useful when trying to do several different hairstyles. They cost usually about the same as a regular flat brush.

When choosing a round brush, it is important to take into consideration the length of hair as well as the look desired. The shorter the hair, the smaller the brush diameter needed. For medium or long hair, a medium or large brush, respectively, will work well. In addition, the smaller the curls desired, the smaller the brush should be. The small to medium brushes are also good to give extra volume to and straighten bangs.

Despite its rounded appearance, using a round brush can help the user straighten or curl her hair. It can also help form a large amount of volume at the roots. It is an item that every woman should have in her arsenal of beauty tools.


When using a round brush to create volume at the roots, hold a piece of hair that is small enough that it fits around the brush. Place the brush at the roots underneath the piece of hair, then use a blow dryer under and over the brush to create lift; blow away from the direction of the roots. Do this all around the scalp until every piece has lift. Use hairspray under and over the pieces to avoid them deflating.

To use a round brush to create curls for the rest of the hair, wrap a piece of hair around the brush to the length of the curl desired. Spray with hairspray, then blow dry on heat. Before you let it go, use the cool setting. Do not pull the brush out; grab the end of the hair and unwrap it from around the brush.

In order to straighten the hair using a round brush, start out by separating the hair into multiple sections. One at a time, put the round brush underneath the roots of the section, position the blow dryer over the hair and then slowly work down toward the ends of the hair while moving the brush and hair dryer simultaneously. When at the end, roll the brush continuously to create a large curl or pull it straight down to create straight ends.

The bristles on a round brush vary. Some have metal bristles, which are typically not good on the hair or scalp. Nylon bristles are typically good on all types of hair and are flexible enough to bend with the hair but stiff enough to hold the hair. Boar bristles can be a bit fragile, but are good for distributing oils throughout the hair.

When choosing a round brush, take the time to find the right one according to the style desired as well as the hair length and thickness. Having multiple round brushes of varying diameters can be useful for styling hair. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials so there is one for almost anyone who wants this specific type of brush.


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