What Is a Rotisserie Spit?

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A rotisserie spit is a device used for roasting food over an open flame or heating element. The rotisserie spit will continuously rotate the food for even heat distribution and full roasted flavor. Rotisserie cooking will allow the fat to drip away from the meat, making it a healthier alternative to traditional methods such as baking, roasting, or frying. A manual rotisserie spit has manually operated controls, while other rotisserie ovens will automatically rotate the food continuously. Rotisserie chicken is one of the most common foods prepared on rotisserie equipment.

Rotisserie cooking locks in the juices for full flavor, as the meat continuously turns. Meat juices circulate, preventing food from becoming overly dry or tough. When cooking a whole chicken, experts recommend binding the legs and wings together with twine or string. This will prevent legs and wings from becoming loose during cooking, and being scorched by the heating elements.

Those who enjoy camping out often use a manual or battery powered rotisserie spit. This equipment requires no electricity, allowing the user to cook his food over a campfire or open flame. This equipment is made of coated, non-stick metal, is portable and lightweight, and often includes a carrying case. These features make the manual or battery-powered rotisserie designed for outdoor use. The outdoor rotisserie spit will typically have two vertical support rails for stability.


Some portable rotisserie spits are made to be used over a barbecue grill and are battery powered. A rotisserie spit grill is an all in one unit that allows grilling and rotisserie cooking of chicken, pork, beef, and seafood. This equipment will typically have an adjustable grilling surface. The device has manual controls, allowing the food to lock into one of several positions.

Portable toaster and convection ovens sometimes feature a rotisserie option. This type of oven is to be used indoors and runs on household current. In addition to baking, toasting and broiling, the combination oven will also rotisserie cook food with the use of special accessories. The oven will typically feature a programmable digital timer with various setting options. A removable rotisserie spit is placed inside the oven where food can be rotated and cooked.

A countertop rotisserie spit oven may require accessories that can be purchased separately. Necessary tools may include a skewer set with spit fork, which is used to place the food onto the spit. A rotisserie drip pan is placed below the food to catch the grease.


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