What is a Rotisserie Oven?

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A rotisserie oven is a kind of oven that includes one or more spits that rotate while the oven is in use, providing a unique kind of cooking for poultry. By rotating the poultry while it is being cooked, this kind of oven coats the meat in its own drippings, which creates a crispy and golden exterior. It is quite common for a rotisserie oven to be used for chickens, but some models can also accommodate small to medium turkeys. Smaller birds such as ducks and Cornish hens can also be cooked in a rotisserie oven. Depending on the size of a rotisserie oven and the strength of its spits and rotors, the appliance might also be able to cook geese.

It is most common for these kinds of ovens to be made for use in places like restaurant kitchens, delicatessens, and industrial kitchens. When a rotisserie oven is used in these sorts of settings, it may include more than a dozen spits. Each spit may be capable of holding an entire turkey or multiple chickens. The resulting cooked poultry may be sold whole, served in dishes, or used in packaged foods. The prices of these kinds of ovens are much higher than those that are used in home and are frequently cost several thousand dollars.


There are also a few smaller models that can be used in domestic kitchens. These models usually only have one or two spits and may have limitations in terms of the size and weight of the birds that they can accommodate. A rotisserie oven that is designed to be used in home kitchens may only be able to accommodate smaller birds such as chickens and Cornish hens. Those that are large enough to accommodate turkeys may only be able to cook turkeys up to a certain size. For example, a rotisserie oven made for domestic use might only be able to cook turkeys that are under 15 pounds (about 7 kilos).

There are some rotisserie oven models that are designed to cook a number of kinds of foods, especially when it comes to models that are designed for home use. Some have interior accessories that can be switched out so that the oven can cook rotisserie chicken or pizzas. Such models can also be used for countertop baking and broiling.


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@raynbow- I have used a rotisserie oven to make roasts and hams, and they turn out pretty tasty and juicy. Just keep in mind that it is best to use pieces of meat that are as lean as possible. This will cut down on the clean up time because their will be less grease left in the oven when you are finished.

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Has anyone ever tried cooking other types of meat in a rotisserie oven? I've heard that they are good for making hams and roast beef, but I've never tried making either types of meat in mine.

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