What Is a Roof Balcony?

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A roof balcony is basically an exterior space, much like a basic balcony, that is built on top of the roof of the space that is directly below it, such as on top of a sturdy porch overhang. This addition can add an exterior gathering place, such as for barbecues, as well as space for outdoor plants and decorations that could easily get damaged on lower level porches and decks. This design is commonly used to maximize space and increase the usability of the area, rather than just having a roof that only keeps water and moisture out of the internal rooms.

The choice of the balcony design may vary, depending upon the type of residence that it is, or will be, added on to. By following specific plans, the desired results can be achieved on any roof, no matter how big or small it is. Although balcony gardening is not a new concept, it is a growing trend throughout the world amongst exterior designers, as well as home and business owners, as the needs and requirements have changed.


A sizable garden can be placed by adding a number of good plants and flower decorations on the roof balcony. It has numerous advantages when compared to a garden built inside, such as almost unlimited amounts of sunlight and fresh air, as well as water when it rains. Even though these benefits are important for any type of flower garden, there are a few things which should be considered before designing a roof balcony for this purpose. Make the balconies by considering the sunshine and shade, as well as taking into account other possible problems such as wind storms, rainwater, irrigation and electrical lines that may be present.

The designing and construction of a roof balcony demands some technical skill and knowledge because different areas of the world will demand various alterations to the planning and building of it. If a person is living in a colder environment, such as constant snow fall areas, then the roof balcony will have to have a steep pitch so that the snow can slide off the roof without increasing the chance of the roof collapsing. In hot climates, the roof balcony would be build on a side of the house that is not under constant sunlight, not only for the sake of the plants but for the comfort of the occupants as well.


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