What is a Roller Massager?

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A roller massager is a device made from plastic, metal, or wood that is used to reduce muscle tension and release muscle knots. Roller massagers are sometimes used by professional massage therapists but are usually designed for easy personal use at home. Depending on the material used to make the massager, they may be used with massage oil or body lotion.

Be sure to read the instructions before using a roller massage with any kind of emollient. Most metal and plastic massagers can be thoroughly cleaned after using them with lotion. The same may not be true for those made of wood.

There is not one standard shape or size for a roller massager. Some of them are made with one large ball, approximately the size of a tennis ball, that is cased with a flat base. This kind of roller massager is usually made out of hard plastic and are used specifically for deep tissue and sports massages. They can be found in many sports supply stores.


Other massagers are made with a number of smaller rotating balls that target larger areas. This type of roller massager is often designed with four to six balls that are similar in size to large grapes. They are fixed onto two straight rods which are connected by a curved handle. These types of massagers are intended for personal use on the arms, legs, and upper shoulders. They can also be used on the back with the assistance of a massage therapist or friend.

There are also roller massagers for the feet. These are flat, square devices that look quite like abacuses. They are made of a dozen or more rolling balls fitted in horizontal rows. One can enjoy an a foot massage at home by simply rubbing the feet back and forth over the foot massager while sitting down. A roller massager for the feet is usually made with wood.

Some of these kinds of massagers are intended for the reduction of cellulite and are designed to be used on areas of the body most commonly affected by cellulite, namely the upper arms and thighs. By stimulating these areas, it is believed by some that the appearance of the cellulite will reduce. These massagers come in many shapes and designs but they do have a few key features in common. Most of them are made with numerous small rolling balls and they are usually designed so that they can be used with an emollient like body lotion or massage oil.


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