What Is a Rolled Rump Roast?

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A rolled rump roast is very similar to a beef round steak that has been seasoned with salt and pepper and rolled into a log shape. The roast is then tied with kitchen twine to prevent it from unrolling while cooking. The string is typically removed for serving. The roast is carved from the rear leg of the animal and is commonly best-known as a beef or veal cut. It is recommended that this dish be cooked for a long period over low heat, and adding broth prevents the meat from becoming overly dry and tough as it cooks.

Commonly considered a lower-quality cut, the rolled rump roast attempts to take advantage of its roast status to make slow-cooking and braising a preferred cooking method. When served as a round steak, this cut of meat can be very tough and difficult to digest. Rolling the meat and tying it creates a thicker piece of meat that is able to successfully endure a slow-roasting method of preparation, which often results in a more tender cut of meat when finished cooking. It is common for the roast to be browned in a skillet over very high heat before placing the meat into a roasting pan.


Once placed in the roasting pan, many cooks recommend placing beef broth or another type of liquid into the roasting pan. This provides moisture for a low and warm roasting process, and it works in concert to tenderize the meat. Some recipes call for beer or wine to be placed in with the roast, and the choice is typically a matter of personal preference. Vegetables are often placed into the roasting pan alongside of the rolled rump roast to add flavor and create a one-pan meal.

While salt and pepper are the traditional spices used inside a rolled rump roast, other spices can be used with equal success. Garlic is a popular spice that can be added to a rolled roast. The meat is often sliced and the garlic is placed inside of the cuts. Other methods call for the spice to be rubbed against the outside of the roast. Another method for tenderizing the rolled roast is to baste the meat with its own drippings as it cooks. Some recipes call for the addition of a beef stock to the roasting pan every 30 minutes as the meat cooks in the oven.


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Post 3
All the recipes I have found for rolled rump roast involve baking it. But I am wondering if it would be possible to grill or smoke the meat. Imagine how delicious that would taste.

Smoking seems possible, but I wonder if I grilled it how I would get the insides cooked before the outsides got burned. Any tips?

Post 2

I think this is a really creative way to turn a cheap piece of meat into something delicious. Can this same method be used on other cheap cuts of meat? The principle seems sound.

Post 1

It has always been a tradition in my family to make a rolled rump roast for Christmas dinner. It is usually the only time during the year that I eat one, but I really like it and look forward to the meal as soon as December rolls around.

We usually serve it with mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, salad and bread. Nothing too fancy or exotic, just a bunch of really delicious food.

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