What Is a Rogue System?

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A rogue system is a type of malicious strategy that is employed to identify and take advantage of any points of weakness found in a wireless communication system. The general idea of this type of strategy is to allow hackers access to system information and resources that can then be used in whatever manner the hacker desires. This approach may be used for activities such as corporate espionage, the collection of financial data for use by unauthorized individuals, or even as a means of undermining and ultimately causing damage to the wireless network.

With a rogue system, the effort focuses on finding ways to circumvent whatever security measures are currently in place to protect that wireless network and the programs that are used by the devices connected with that network. This is often accomplished by identifying any issues within the network itself in which those security features are weak enough to be breached in some manner, sometimes by tailoring a virus so that those security measures fail to detect the introduction of the virus. Once in place, the infection can then be manipulated to collect proprietary data, spy on the activities of network users or even take over the network, holding it and the users in a state of virtual bondage until demands by the hacker are met.


The rogue system can take on many forms, depending on the intended purpose for the unauthorized entrance and use of network resources and information. A virus such as a Trojan horse, which can embed in devices connected to the network and be used for several purposes, is one of the more common examples. Fake access points can be installed on the network without triggering warnings and serve as the means of hackers infiltrating and collecting data without the knowledge of users.

When left undetected, a rogue system can be utilized by a hacker for an extended period of time to make use of system resources, collect proprietary data for personal use or even for resell to the highest bidder, or even as a means of introducing other types of spyware or more malicious software with the eventual intention of destroying the network or at least causing some sort of lasting damage to users attached to that network. While many wireless systems make use of extensive protection strategies to prevent the attachment of a rogue system, hackers continue to create new and better systems that are capable of avoiding detection for at least a short period of time. For this reason, wireless system users should constantly update all protection protocols so that the latest known generation of rogue software can be detected and dealt with before any type of significant damage takes place.


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